KPub BBQ – Bibimbap Lunch Sets Promo

KPub BBQ – Bibimbap Lunch Sets Promo

KPUB BBQ - Bibimbap Lunch Sets

KPUB BBQ – Bibimbap Lunch Sets

KPub BBQ now offers a Bibimbap Lunch Set promo where as long as you order one dish, you will get a free Bibimbap dish (worth 375)!

Blast from the past …. Thanks to an Ensogo deal, we were able to try out KPub at their BGC Branch at a discounted price.

KPub BBQ is an eat-all-you-can restaurant where you can select from four different packages for your meal (each package improves on the previous one).

  1. Eat and Run (all meat, for one hour)
  2. Eat and Run Level Up (+ seafood, still for one hour)
  3. No Limits (all meat, no time limit)
  4. To the Max (everything!!!)

Prior to our visit, I didn’t know that they also served ala carte dishes. You can order Korean favorites such as japchae, bulgogi, pajeon, and many more. Well, if it was me, I’d still go for the eat-all-you-can because I love grilled food. But if you insist then let me tell you about their new Bibimbap Lunch Set Promo where when you order one dish, you will get a free bowl of bibimbap that’s worth PHP 375. What’s more is that the free item even costs more than what you will be ordering ala carte.

Currently, there are 6 dishes that are available for this promo. These are….

KPUB BBQ - Spicy Soft Tofu with Seafood

KPUB BBQ – Spicy Soft Tofu with Seafood

Looks spicy that I was afraid to try it out… however, thanks to the soft-boiled egg, it managed to tone down the spiciness a bit and help me enjoy it. It had shrimps and squid swimming in tofu.

KPUB BBQ - Soybean Stew with Seafood

KPUB BBQ – Soybean Stew with Seafood

It may look innocent but this was also a spicy soup. It had similar ingredients as with the previous dish.

KPUB BBQ - Grilled Mackerel

KPUB BBQ – Grilled Mackerel

My personal favorite. My only experience with Mackerel was the canned version. The grilled version was much better!

KPUB BBQ - Spicy Pork Stir Fry

KPUB BBQ – Spicy Pork Stir Fry

The sweet and spicy shredded pork was good to mix with bibimbap.

KPUB BBQ - Chicken Bulgogi

KPUB BBQ – Chicken Bulgogi

The chicken bulgogi would be perfect as a kid’s meal. It had that slightly sweet and delicious flavor that kids (as well as adults) would familiarly love.

KPUB BBQ - Beef Bulgogi

KPUB BBQ – Beef Bulgogi

The beef bulgogi was tender and flavorful. Too bad it only had a few slices on it.

So like I was saying, if you order one of these during the promo, you will get…

KPUB BBQ - Bibimbap

KPUB BBQ – Bibimbap

Yes, a bowl of spicy and I say, spicy bibimbap! This was the vegetable version of their bibimbap and I already expected a spicy dish after I saw the chili paste all over the egg. However, I didn’t realize that it had slices of hot pepper (siling labuyo) which made it extra hot! It was way over my spicy tolerance yet I’m proud of myself to have finished the bowl.

The good thing (which sadly we only got to know after the meal) was you can customize the spiciness. You would need to tell your server in advance though else you would get the default version.

My personal favorites would be the grilled mackerel and the spicy pork stir fry.

Bibimbap Lunch Set Promo Mechanics

  • Available only during Monday to Friday; during Lunch Time.
  • All items cost PHP 299 except for the Grilled Mackerel (PHP 349)

Disclosure: KPub BBQ paid for our meal

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