Kraaazy Grubs by Krazy Garlik

Kraaazy Grubs by Krazy Garlik

Kraazy Grubs from Krazy Garlik Menu

There’s something new from Krazy Garlik, aside from their newly opened branch at Greenhills Promenade, and that would be the the Kraaazy Grubs. The Kraaazy Grubs is Krazy Garlik’s waaay to add some Mexican Flavor into their menu.

So let us see what they haaave…

Kraaazy Grubs Tortilla Crusted Tacos Braised Beef

Tortilla Crusted Tacos (Chicken 350, Braised Beef 395, Fish 315)

Crusted in our tortilla blend and drizzled with chipotle sauce in soft taco shell. Served with garlic rice, aioli and salsa. 

For our first bite, we had the braised beef variant as it sounds better than chicken or fish (now that I think about it, my reasoning doesn’t make sense). I enjoyed going through the taco especially because the beef was standing out.

Btw, it was weird that it had garlic rice as a side dish (as it is usually served solo) but our hunger at that time was very thankful. The garlic rice was very yummy and we can really say, “kanin pa lang, ulam na“.

Kraaazy Grubs Burritos Amazing Sisig

Burritos (Amazing Sisig 275, Insane Beef 295)

Soft flour tortilla filled with fresh lettuce,  tomatoes, and salsa with garlic rice. 

We already had beef for tacos so we picked the sisig variant. You can really taste the sisig in the burrito but more sisig portions would be welcome.

Kraaazy Grubs Krazy Garlik Nachos

Krazy Garlik Nachos – PHP 595

Crunchy nacho chips layered with succulent beef asado, cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes, red onions and japapenos. 

Whoa! That’s a lot of big but oily nachos topped with beef asado (which tastes similar to the beef in the tacos). Better eat this fast as the beef starts to show grease (sebo). It is not your usual beef nachos.

Disclosure: Kraaazy Garlik sponsored our meal. 

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Krazy Garlik
2/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St.
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 501-3752

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