Krazy Garlik Dinner – with their new Dishes

Krazy Garlik Dinner – with their new Dishes

Krazy Garlik Dinner - with their new Dishes

It has been two years since I last ate at Krazy Garlik yet one dish stuck to my head up to this day, “Crispy Pata”, that sinful fried pork leg with lots of garlic. It was a dish that made its way to our table even if we wanted to try out their new dishes.

Krazy Garlik Baba Ghanoush2

Krazy Garlik Baba Ghanoush

Krazy Garlik Baba Ghanoush – PHP 275

It has this Mediterranean smell and I learned that this is an Arabian dish. I didn’t like it.

Krazy Garlik Creamy Garlic Fondue

Krazy Garlik Creamy Garlic Fondue

Krazy Garlik Creamy Garlic Fondue – PHP 250

But this one I like! Just take a bread that looks like a cave man’s tool and dip it to the fondue. No further discussion needed.

Krazy Garlik Fillet of Dory Fish with Creamy Seafood

Krazy Garlik Fillet of Dory Fish with Creamy Seafood – PHP 495

Cream Dory with shrimps on top. This was overshadowed by the other dishes in the table so I wasn’t really able to get a good taste of it.

Krazy Garlik Garlicky Crispy Pata

Krazy Garlik Garlicky Crispy Pata – PHP 695

Again it returns. We were more in the table now so less servings for me. As much as possible, I tried to save my health but it’s hard to do it when you see a tasty bone starting back at you and subtly telling me, “nibble on me!”.

Krazy Garlik Korean Style Garlic Sesame Beef

Krazy Garlik Korean Style Garlic Sesame Beef

Krazy Garlik Korean Style Garlic Sesame Beef – PHP 250

I liked this dish! In terms of taste, it reminds of the Japanese Beef Bowl (Gyudon) that I love to eat. It’s a dish where I was able to appreciate the addition of garlic to further enhance the taste.

Krazy Garlik Grilled Tuna Belly

Krazy Garlik Grilled Tuna Belly – PHP 425

A generous serving of Tuna Belly for the price. Although it was loaded with garlic slices and fried garlic, I still went with dipping it to the sauce it comes with. The addition of garlic ensured that it erased the “smell” (malansa?) salmon or any other fish had.

Krazy Garlik 40 Kloves Garlic Chicken

Krazy Garlik 40 Kloves Garlic Chicken – PHP 695

Fried chicken with a garlic gravy. I find it similar to the “sizzling chicken” dishes I have tried. The gravy was tasty but it made the chicken’s flavor dependent on it. Also, you only get a half chicken for the price.

Krazy Garlik is a place where you can find your favorite dishes get improved through the generous addition of garlic. If you love garlic then this would be a place for you. But I would like to say that that addition of garlic also increased the prices of such dishes that costs less in other restaurants.

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