Krispy Kreme Chocolate Creations

Krispy Kreme Chocolate Creations #ChocolateCreations


Something new from Krispy Kreme. From left to right, top to bottom.

MARS, M&Ms Dark, Nutella

Maltesers, M&Ms Light , Ferrero Rocher

Which is your favorite? :)

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Update: October 2, 2013

So far I have tried the following:

  • Nutella – simple one. Donut with a nutella spread on top
  • M&M – comes in two colors . it is topped with mini M&Ms and tiny pebble milk chocolate.
  • MARS – I was surpised that it was a bavarian donut. It was stuffed with chocolate cream. Very creamy and chocolatey!
  • Maltesers – Hmm another donut that I really enjoyed! The maltesers don’t have the inner crunchy part so upon eating it, it sorts of just melts in your mouth. I loved the topping of this donut!
  • Ferrero – The doughnut had a chocolatey spread all over it however, in the middle (which also covered the hole) was a choco-mousse like cream where the a piece of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate sits.

5 thoughts on “Krispy Kreme Chocolate Creations

  1. this is the reason why i am always fat. haha, anyways your post make me crave for one now!

  2. M&Ms and Krispy Kreme? Sounds the best thing in the world of doughnuts for me.

  3. wow di kuna kailangan bumili ng separate na candies dito may donut kana may candy ka pa. :)

  4. maricris abarabar says:

    looking forward na matikman itong chocolate creation ng krispy creme, picture pa lng parang ang sarap na. magugustuhan for sure ng anak ko to…

  5. yummy,sweet treats for this coming christmas,my kids gonna love this …

So what can you say? :)