Krocodile Grille Dinner

Krocodile Grille Dinner

Krocodile Grille


Krocodile Grille (or better known as Krocs) was the first restaurant where I tried baked tahong (baked mussels) after my sister brought us there raving about it. Up to this day, it would always be a dish that would be on the table every time we eat at Krocs.

It was a Sunday night and Jessa and I were just looking for places to eat at Greenbelt 3; and we landed at Krocodile Grille. Similar to Gerry’s Grill and Dencio’s, Krocs serves Filipino Cuisine with an emphasis for grilled dishes.

Krocodile Grille Kroc’s Baked Tahong

Krocodile Grille Kroc’s Baked Tahong – PHP 150

Like I mentioned at the start of this post, this would always be at table and here it is. Ten (10) pieces of mussels that have been baked and covered with creamy/delicious cheese. I could finish the whole dish myself! The mussels still taste like mussels but it’s the cheese that’s making me scrape furiously at the shell.

Krocodile Grille Tinumok

Krocodile Grille Tinumok – PHP 125

I would define Tinumok as “stuffed laing” or “upgraded laing” because it is very similar to laing and the only difference was the gabi leaves were used as a wrap for the ground pork inside. It was very creamy and it has a hint of spiciness on it. A great fusion of meat and vegies in one!

Krocodile Grille Kare Kareng Baka

Krocodile Grille Kare Kareng Baka – PHP 275

I realized that the more I eat Kare Kare, the more I realize what I have been missing by purposely avoiding it and how I regret doing so. Krocs’ version comes in generous servings of meat and vegies (they have another version that has ox tail).

For an inexpensive dinner at Krocodile Grille, I believe we got our money’s worth plus enjoyed eating food that we like to eat. Definitely one cup of rice wasn’t enough for both the Kare Kare and tinumok but… it’s the start of the year so let’s start it with less rice.

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Krocodile Grille
Greenbelt 3
3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St.
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 757-4778

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  1. Tinomok is also a Bicolano dish. Haven’t tried the one from Krocodile Grille though. :)

  2. Try their Balut Krocodlle style to die for!!!

So what can you say? :)