Kuya J Restaurant

Kuya J Restaurant

Kuya J's Crispy Pata

Kuya J’s Crispy Pata

Kuya J Restaurant, a restaurant from Cebu, expands to SM City Iloilo and we tried it out during our Iloilo Vacation.

The first thing I asked the server upon arriving at Kuya J was …

Is this the restaurant of Jericho Rosales where the J in Kuya J stands for Jericho?

“No. He’s just the endorser”, answered the server.

At last my curiosity has been satisfied. I have meant to ask this ever-since I saw Jericho Rosales in their TVC. So at Kuya J what we can expect? Based from the TVC, I see that they are into Filipino Cuisine. Upon browsing the tables of other diners at the restaurant, I noticed one common dish which would be the Crispy Pata. So we will order that one and here’s the rest of our orders.

Kuya J Lumpia Presko

Lumpia Presko

Kuya J Pork Barbeque

Pork Barbeque

Kuya J Crispy Beef Tadyang

Crispy Beef Tadyang

I expected the crispy tadyang to be on the crunchy / hard to chew side and I was right. It had a few strands of beef that were easy to chew but most of it was simply crunchy.

Kuya J Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

The baby back ribs were actually pretty good! It was easy to separate from the bone and it was juicy! Their bbq sauce has infused itself well with the ribs to give you that sweet taste.

Kuya J Bulalo

Kuya J Bulalo

Their version of Bulalo had a light beef taste for the soup and fork tender beef. The beef didn’t have a lot of fat attached to it so the soup wasn’t quick to turn lipgloss (as per my experience with bulalo).

Kuya J's Crispy Pata

Kuya J’s Crispy Pata

The star of the night would be their deadly crispy pata. Each order comes with a sharp scissor which the server will gladly cut your order for you. This was just the regular version and they still have family version. It was crispy, juicy and was what exactly you would expect from the dish.

One cup of rice wasn’t enough when all your dishes screams rice at you. I was content with a serving of bulalo but it was hard to resist the call of crispy pata and the baby back ribs. I have successfully dethroned my mother as the finisher (as she has given up that role) and filled myself with lots of meat!

Kuya J’s restaurant serves familiar Filipino dishes. Although none of them really stood out; I still enjoyed them as comfort food.

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Kuya J Restaurant
SM City Iloilo

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