KXP Kulinarya Experience

KXP Kulinarya Experience

KXP Kulinarya Experience - US Top Blade Steak with Red Wine Sauce

It started as a random decision on where to eat at Robinson’s Place, Manila but it became more than that. Since we don’t frequent this mall a lot, we made sure that we would be eating at a place that we can’t find in Makati thus we landed at Kulinarya Experience. Now that I think about it, technically, they are the same restaurant as Kulinarya Kitchen at Rockwell but too late for that. Allow me to share to you what we had!

KXP Kulinarya Experience - Manhattan Pizza

KXP Experience – Manhattan Pizza  – PHP 150

Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Mushroom, Onion, Bell Pepper, Mozzarella 

This would be our appetizer and it didn’t take long for me to finish two slices at lightning speed. Attribute that to my current level of hunger and also the yummy toppings this thin crust pizza had.

KXP Kulinarya Experience - Chicken Strips on Baked Tomato Rice

KXP Experience – Chicken Strips on Baked Tomato Rice  – PHP 210

Crispy Chicken Strips, Tomato Cream Sauce, Nori, Mozzarella

This would be their version of risotto which from my experience is a creamy and flavorful rice. You can really taste the tomato flavor in each spoonful of rice! Nori (or perhaps if they add bonito flakes too lol) has been a great flavor enhancer in Japanese donburi dishes and the same applies also in this dish. As for the chicken, nothing much to say about it because it gets overpowered by the flavorful rice.

KXP Kulinarya Experience - US Top Blade Steak with Red Wine Sauce2

KXP Experience – US Top Blade Steak with Red Wine Sauce – PHP 250

Tender and flavorful USDA choice 120g steak perfect for griddling. Best Value Steak!

Initially, I was torn between their roast beef (one of their best seller) and having this steak. I then decided to have the steak  as I had doubts on the serving size of the roast beef based on the picture shown. Well, it wasn’t a bad decision as I thoroughly enjoyed the steak which I requested to be cooked medium / medium-well. Every time my knife goes through the steak, the juices flow out! It was also very tender that not much effort was spent on cutting and that savings in effort was converted into a more enjoyable experience.

In fact, I enjoyed it a lot that I ordered a second serving (see first pic of the post). The second order even looked better and juicier than the first order. Again, devoured to satisfaction!

I was very satisfied on our visit to Kulinarya Experience that it deserves a return in the future. I saw fellow bloggers writing about the roast beef of KXP and I want to try it out too!

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Kulinarya Experience “KXP”
Robinson Place Manila – Midtown Wing
Robinson Place Manila, Midtown Wing, Adriatico St.
Ermita, Manila
(02) 567-2562


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