Late Lunch at Banana Leaf

Late Lunch at Banana Leaf

August 28, 2010

It was around 3pm already when we had our lunch and of course we were very hungry. We turned down this insurance agent that was wasting our time by telling us that we only need to fill up a raffle ticket then immediately signed us up to a plan and it will take like 30 minutes of explanation. Why do they have to lie on their claims? Pfff!  anyway, moving on… (this is not the blog to rant lol).

We left their area and we went to Banana Leaf to eat. Banana Leaf is a restaurant that offers Asian dishes such as from Thailand, Malaysia and other countries (I’m not that familiar with other Asian countries’ cuisine to be able to determine which is which). My experience before with Banana Leaf was that I ate their chicken curry and it was very spicy for me that I had a hard time eating it due to the instant colds brought by the spiciness so I decided I will not eat it on this meal.

So here were our orders.

Banana Leaf Roti Canai with Curry Sauce (PHP 78 + PHP 30)

Roti is defined as an unleavened flatbread  made from atta flour [1].

I miss eating this one so I made sure we ate this. I really don’t know what it is but it is just like thin bread where you tear it out then dip to curry sauce and eat and say, yum yum! Although, you can already eat it as it is, it will be the curry sauce that will complete the taste. It a bit expensive to eat but since it tastes good, I’ll let it pass.

I remember a time when my parents and I were in Hongkong and was eating dinner in a restaurant. My mother wanted to eat this so we asked the server to order Roti Bread from a nearby Indian Cuisine Restaurant and they prepared for us curry sauce. It was very accommodating of them to do that.

Banana Leaf Sizzling Black Pepper Beef  (PHP 178.00)

This was a bit of a disappointment because the beef wasn’t that tender enough for you to slice it (using fork and spoon lol) so I had to eat it per piece which of course is painful to chew. Nothing extra ordinary on this one so we can avoid this one in the future.

Banana Leaf Stir Fried Mango & Shrimp with Sweet Chili Sauce (PHP 208)

Shrimp and Mango in Sweet Chili Sauce! Now this was tasty. Although there was the presence of Chili sauce, I did not find it too spicy for me not to avoid it but in fact, I liked the way the spiciness adds to the taste.  The mango was sweet which was a good thing because I would have been disappointed if they used sour mangoes. I can say that this one is a must try too.

Banana Leaf Hainanese Chicken (PHP 198.00)

I ordered this one too because I wanted to avoid their curry chickens. For me this is like white chicken or soy chicken where the chicken taste is bland and you need to dip it to a sauce in order to bring out the flavor. Sadly, there was nothing extra ordinary on this one.

So that concludes our meal in Banana Leaf. I guess my next goal for future posts for Banana Leaf is to add their curry dishes (nose, be prepared).

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Banana Leaf Asian Cafe, The Block
3/F, The Block at SM City North Edsa, North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila



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7 thoughts on “Late Lunch at Banana Leaf

  1. sama ako kapag banana leaf, ill order for you and diosabel! super love ko banana leaf! :)

  2. daw namit ang ila tilapia nga nalipat ko ngalan sa sauce basta puti nga medyo tam-is ang sauce hehe

  3. Au naniniwala na talaga ako sa choices mo pagdating sa food! haha

  4. Ohh.. Banana Leaf @ SM North Edsa! same spot…..

So what can you say? :)