Le Coeur de France Croughnuts

Le Coeur de France Croughnuts

Le Coeur de France - I Love Croughnuts

It’s hard not to hear about croughnuts when you see your friends and fellow bloggers posting about it. My first experience was from the Krispy Kroissant from Krispy Kreme and my next taste would be from Le Coeur de France. I was at San Antonio Plaza that day for my dentist check-up and while walking back, I passed by Le Coeur de France and a thought came into mind; how about I try their croughnuts?

So I went in, sat down and they gave me their menu. I was supposed to eat only the croughnuts but I got shy so I also ordered pasta.

Le Coeur de France Tuna and Tomato Pasta

Le Coeur De France Tuna and Tomato Pasta and House Blended Iced Tea – PHP 188

It was pretty simple (tuna in a tomato sauce poured over the pasta) yet I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was freshly cooked and the noodles were still elastic (not soggy). I used up the bread to clean up my plate after finishing every bit of solid on it.

Random Chitchat: I just realized that I’m really starting to like tomatoes (e.g. in soup, in pastas). Bit by bit, it is removing the trauma I had when I drank tomato juice from a tetra pack. I didn’t like it so much that I couldn’t even survive the first sip… and I bought 1 liter. Maybe it’s time to revisit that experience. 

With that over, let’s now proceed to the croughnuts. At Le Coeur de France, they have three variants (where I got to taste 1).

Le Coeur de France Parmesan Cheese Croughnut

Le Coeur de France Parmesan Cheese Croughnut

Le Coeur de France Mixed Berries with Cream Cheese Croughnut

Le Coeur de France Mixed Berries with Cream Cheese Croughnut

Le Coeur de France Double Belgian Chocolate Croughnut

Le Coeur de France Double Belgian Chocolate Croughnut

This is the one I tried (given my bias to chocolate) and I said to myself that it was a great choice! On top, you have a bitter-sweet chocolate topping (with chocolate chunks I want to pick and pop) and inside would be the cream. As I took my first bite, the cream and the chocolate topping mixed like they were made for each other. (soooo goood!) The bread was chewy, no complains from me there, because it served as the equalizer from the sweetness.

Le Coeur de France Croughnuts were also not fried, but baked (as I observed while were making a new batch). They sell them for PHP 89 each.

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Le Coeur de France
Forbes Park
San Antonio Plaza, McKinley Rd.
Forbes Park – North, Makati
(02) 817-4596

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10 thoughts on “Le Coeur de France Croughnuts

  1. Rhozallino Ramones says:

    Wow! The Croughnut is looks Yummy and Deliciouse. Hope i can taste it one day when i visit the Le Coeur de France.

  2. I wanna try theirLe Coeur de France Parmesan Cheese Croughnut if its delicious compare to the other chroughnuts!

  3. Cronut Craze, looks delicious but why so expensive huhuhu

  4. ria villareal says:

    I have not tried it yet maybe because I have not seen one and im on a diet due to my pregnancy. but after I give birth I will give it a try. everyone is just crazy about it.

  5. Rhozallino Ramones says:

    It is really delicious and love to try it soon.

  6. i havent try this kind bread but i will soon,the picture itself,looks yummy

  7. maricris abarabar says:

    wow picture pa lang masarap na. di pa ako nakakatikim ng croughnut, sana this christmas may mgregalo lol…

  8. Rhozallino says:

    Hope i can try this soon its looks delicious and creamy. i Love Croughnuts! :)

  9. Cebuano are craving for these!. Pls mag open naman kaau d2.☆

So what can you say? :)