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June 13, 2010

When Lola Ely’s Tapsilog was mentioned in my post on Chades Tapsilog, I said to myself that I will visit this place someday. I did not plan it to be today but it just happened and I googled for Lola Ely’s Tapsilog found the address.

Bambang corner P. Guevarra St. Sta Cruz.

This is like 2 blocks away from home so I decided to walk even while it is hot. When I arrived at the corner, I was wondering, did they move already ? I do not see anything that says Lola Ely’s Tapsilog but I see a lot of other tapsilog places there. I started walking along Bambang disappointed until I reached the corner of another street, “Felix Huertas” and there I found the place.

When I entered the place, I observed my surroundings for sanitary issues (brought by my experience in Bulaluhan sa Espana) and well, the place is not lighted well but I noticed that there were a lot of flies in the area. I even saw a baby cockroach in the floor walking like a customer. The table isn’t also my definition of clean but then I realized, I’m not really in a fine dining restaurant so I shouldn’t be very strict.

So off for the menu, the prices isn’t very expensive so this is a good thing for me. They also serve drinks such as shakes, and other stuff but I forgot to take a picture (see that orange poster in the first picture above).


For my order, I ordered the first thing that came into my mind.. Tapsilog… and after a long wait (I expected it to be faster since we are only few in that place), here is my order.

Lola Ely's Tapsilog Meal


My first reaction was, why is the color different? and the texture was also different. My expectations for beef tapa would be hard-to-chew beef (that is why I rarely order tapsilog) but this one was different. It was soft and juicy in a way that it doesn’t taste like your usual beef tapa. For a moment there, I had to double check if they brought out the wrong order or something because it was soft, juicy and flavorful, (different from my stereotype of tapa). With this, I managed to finish my food in record time but alas, the serving size isn’t enough for me to order extra rice.

With that, I was able to satisfy my curiosity and eat at the famous Lola Ely’s Tapsilog. I’m not really sure if this is the main branch as I saw some forum posts mentioning another branch in Tayuman area. Their tapa was delicious but that’s it, they need to clean their place more, have faster service time and I guess, more friendly and accommodating servers (I felt lost when I first stepped in and I had to ask when do I order).

Because of that, I would still go for Chades Tapsilog but this would still be on my to-eat places since it is very near our house (just 1 and 1/2 block away).

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Lola Ely’s Tapsilog, Bambang
Bambang cor. P. Guevarra St., Sta. Cruz
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 711-9798

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4 thoughts on “Lola Ely’s Tapsilog

  1. have you tried donna’s tapsilog? 2 branches. one beside lola ely’s and another one at paredes st. [near mini stop / kfc] before arriving at the overpass. =)

  2. I share your sentiments about the place (Lola Ely’s). I tried dining there once and that was my last. The guy making the “fried rice” was shirtless and was sweating all over the big wok. Yep, I’ve also seen those little crawlers you mentioned.
    I frequent Donna’s. The one right beside Ely’s. Cleaner, tastier food.
    I haven’t tried Chades, though.

  3. please tell me where is chades located??? :)

So what can you say? :)