The Lost Bread at Maginhawa Food Park

The Lost Bread at Maginhawa Food Park

The Lost Bread - Carnival

The Lost Bread serves you not-so-ordinary milkshakes!

My first time to eat at Maginhawa area would be a milkshake place called The Lost Bread.

Milkshakes are those tempting blended milk and ice cream that not only provides you insane amounts of calories but it gives great satisfaction as well. Personally, I can only count the times where I loved my milkshake order and those usually have something in common; lots of ice cream as compared to milk to make it ohh-soo-creamy!

The Lost Bread has two branches that are near each other. The first and original would be at the StrEAT Maginhawa Food Park where it serves milkshakes exclusively. The other one; called The Lost Bread HQ; serves upgraded milkshakes and has food as well. We visited the original branch to get our milkshake fix.

The menu only had eight (8) items; four (4) cake shakes and four (4) 18+ shakes that has alcohol. Their bestseller; The Carnival; was very instagram worthy. Actually, all their milkshakes are and allow me to show it to you.

The Lost Bread - Carnival

The Lost Bread – Carnival – 120
Caramel Popcorn + Cotton Candy + Vanilla Butter Cake

The Lost Bread - Swiss Missed

The Lost Bread – Swiss Missed – PHP 120
Kahlua + Cocoa + Mini Marshmallows + Chocolate Syrup

The Lost Bread - Campfire

The Lost Bread – Campfire – PHP 150
Kahlua + Toasted Marshmallows + Crushed Graham Crackers + Chocolate Syrup

Each milkshake lists down their ingredients so you will have an idea on what to expect. The Carnival lists cotton candy and cotton candy you shall see! For the 18+ milkshakes, a small plastic dropper houses the alcohol so you have the option to squeeze it into your milkshake or into your mouth!

Overall, I was happy with their milkshakes. It wasn’t boring, it was creamy and since it had a lot of ingredients; it sometimes felt better to use a spoon instead of the straw.

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The Lost Bread

Food Park, 91 Maginhawa Street,
Teachers Village, Quezon City

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  1. Roma Yatco says:

    Why is it the lost bread if you found it in maginhawa? Joke time?

So what can you say? :)