Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant Lunch

Lunch at Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant

June 25, 2011

On a fine Saturday, we were at SM Megamall to eat lunch together and it was decided to eat at Bigby’s Cafe at the SM Megamall Atrium. There was a lot of yummy looking food on their menu that it was hard to pick which one to order. So let’s put to the test these yummy looking foods to see if they can deliver what they show us in their menu.

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant Captain Joe's U.S. Rib-Eye Steak

Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant Captain Joe’s U.S. Rib-Eye Steak – PHP 650

Tasty yet expensive! My father wanted this to be cooked “well done” but it was served “medium well (bien cuit)”. I’m glad they made that “mistake” as it made the steak moe juicier and delicious (on a comparison between the outer part which was already well done and compared it with the middle part which was still medium-well). This is one of the better dishes.

Nothing special on the gravy though which I could live without.

Different temperatures of steak for your reference (From Wikipedia)

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant Uncle Sam Roast Beef

Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant Uncle Sam Roast Beef – PHP 220

My brother’s first comment was that it tastes similar to the roast beef he usually eats in Iloilo at Hotel Del Rio. I tried it out too and I would agree with him. Nothing special on this one as it tastes just like any normal roast beef.

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant Rack-A-Bye-Baby

Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant Rack-A-Bye-Baby – PHP 399

I liked the taste of this one and it was also tender. I just hope they can make the meat stick less to the bone because sometimes had to scrape off the meat from the bone. (I’m lazy I know lol but that’s how I want “ribs” to be).

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant Chix Ahoy

Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant Chix Ahoy – PHP 329

To those who are tired of the usual fried chicken with gravy in their plate would welcome this dish. It wasn’t literally boneless (see that chicken wing?) but already close to it. It didn’t have the “wow” factor but it was good. I wasn’t able to taste much on the garlic sauce as I wanted to savor the chicken without the sauce and I think that’s where I went wrong. Sizzling chicken isn’t really that much of a big deal unless the sauce will complement it.

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant Grilled Rodeo Chops

Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant Grilled Rodeo Chops – PHP 275

If you are looking for juicy pork chops then you would be disappointed with this one. If it weren’t for the grill marks, I thought this was fried pork chops because the texture and “tenderness” was similar. With regards to the taste, nothing special on this one as this simply tastes like your regular pork chops.

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant Tuscan Fish Melt

Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant Tuscan Fish Melt – PHP 255

This one was also Ok for me. Fish fillet with cheese and olive tapenade (the black thing on top) and tomato based pasta on the side. At first, I thought it was cheese and Bagoong which made me wonder on the combination. My only complaint here was I wanted a bigger serving :D

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant Awesome Salmon

Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant Awesome Salmon – PHP 495

Aside from the fact that this was served very late (we were already half way through our lunch when it arrived), it was also dry and burnt. Also, it wasn’t juicy as mentioned in the menu so this was not worth the wait.

Honestly, I’m really wondering if we just came at a bad day at Bigby’s because overall, we simply ate the food because we paid for it. We were not really satisfied nor did we have that “wow delicious” feeling with our meals. Some of our food also looked like they got overcooked as they weren’t juicy upon serving anymore. I checked reviews by other bloggers and for the similar orders we had, they had a better experience. If it was only me, then I would have thought that there might be something wrong with my taste but my family also had the same comments.

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