Pamana Restaurant by Barrio Fiesta

Lunch at Pamana Restaurant by Barrio Fiesta

Pamana Restaurant

November 18, 2010

Imagine going to Tagaytay just to eat lunch here. Actually, that is what we did because we went there to drive my parents to Boutique to claim their gift from my sister’s wedding (they were given a one night stay in Boutique). For lunch, we picked between the Hawaiian Barbecue restaurant or Pamana and Pamana won (they all have the same owner from what we learned btw).

Btw, pamana is a tagalog word that means inheritance. From the restaurant’s name, you would now have an idea what cuisine they will be serving right? Well, if you still don’t know, let the pictures tell you.

Pamana Restaurant Bagnet

I first mentioned Bagnet in my post on Cafe Leona in Vigan. Back then, that was the first time I tried this dish so I could not compare but when I tried this version, I can really taste the difference. Pamana’s bagnet is really how the description of bagnet describes it to be. Just to recall, here it the description “They are both being deep fried but for the bagnet, you will not stop deep frying it until you see bubbles start to form on the skin and the color of the fat starts to blend in with the skin and the pork.“. I ate the meaty part (delicious) and the skin (hard and crunchy). I would have loved to eat more of this but I was thinking, deep fried.. deep fried.. all those oil that it absorbed…

Pamana Restaurant Sinigang Bangus Belly

Yum yum! Sinigang, my favorite! Nothing else for me to say here as as long as the soup is sour, it would already be perfect for me.

Pamana Restaurant Kare Kare

I’m not really a fan of this dish so usually I just eat a few slices of that tendon-like meat and move on to the next dish. However, for this one, I was too engrossed in eating the other dishes that I forgot to try it out. LoL (making myself an excuse for not trying this out).

Pamana Restaurant Tadyang

Now let me introduce you to my favorite dish from what we have eaten here, the Tadyang or in this case, beef ribs. I always had a notion that this was something hard and you would need to slice it up to be able to eat it without hurting your teeth. But this one was different, it had this fall-off-the-bone softness (reminds me of Racks) and it was very juicy. I couldn’t stop myself from getting huge portions , then mix it with my Sinigang Soup + rice combo .. and now I’m getting hungry again. This was really a great dish and if I could go back to this restaurant, I’ll make sure that this is on my plate!

Pamana Restaurant Chicken BBQ

This one was Ok but I did not find it extra ordinary. Actually some parts were a bit dry already. It also came in late so I was already near full from pigging out on the Tadyang so I did not get to enjoy this much anymore.

Overall, this was a great experience and if only Tagaytay was near, I would try to visit this place often with friends. The prices aren’t that expensive since they cost around PHP200-PHP300 per dish. :)

Other Pictures that I took

Sinigang Soup Test

Our bill was placed in here. Very unique!

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Pamana Restaurant, Tagaytay
Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City, Cavite

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