Lunch at Rap Steak and Cake

Lunch at Rap Steak and Cake

Going back to our college days in De La Salle, we visited Raps to have a team lunch there.

February 24, 2010

It was an impromptu decision by the team the night before to have lunch in Raps since most of us are from DLSU. However, it did not matter even if some were not from DLSU because our purpose there was to eat steak with overflowing sauce and nothing more. I remember way back in college, I could not “afford” to buy their steak because I need money to buy other stuffs so I usually go for their chicken lollipop or their liempo but at that moment, it is steak time!

Before we start, let us have a peak at their menu first.

Rap’s Steak and Cake Menu

Now that you have seen the menu, let me show you what majority of the group ordered. I’m not sure if they ordered something else.

Rap Liempo

Still tastes the same just like in college.

Rap Porterhouse Large

This is the first time I tried their porterhouse and it is good. I wish I had more though. It is soft and very easy to chew. Although from the flavor, I did not get to judge it as I filled it with their sauce (hehe).

The prices sure have risen but the flavor and of course their “special sauce”, gravy, rue or whatever you call it is still there. A thought crossed my mind where usually we fill our food with their special sauce that I usually do not get to taste the real taste without the sauce. This is something I would like to go back and try someday. ^_^

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  1. Hey allen! Keep up the good work! you have a food blog fan in me!!! hahaha

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  3. Wow nostalgia! I miss the place. We used to go here during college days.

So what can you say? :)