Lunch at Tokyo Cafe

Lunch at Tokyo Cafe

February 26, 2011

The first time I dined in Tokyo Cafe was a birthday celebration for me a few years back. It was with my sister and cousins in SM Mall of Asia. Tokyo Cafe was generous enough to give me a very berry crepe as a free gift. I would have liked to relive and share that experience again but I learned the “hard” way that it has to be on the exact date of your birthday and you have to present an ID that shows your birth date. Oh well… we can’t have it all…

Moving on.. :) For me, Tokyo Cafe is a place where you can eat crepes. That is the idea that got stuck into my mind because when you pass by their place, you would see a display of crepes although they do have other dishes such as burgers, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, parfaits and many more. As for lunch, we had the following.

Tokyo Cafe Teriyaki Chicken Salad – PHP 178.00

So what’s wrong with eating “green” once in a while? It’s something that I could simply just say “I don’t want to eat that” but for the purpose of providing ourselves some healthy goodness, here we have the salad. It is just a normal caesar salad with Terikyaki Chicken on top to make you forget you are eating “grass” lol

Tokyo Cafe Omurice – PHP138.00

As I looked around the place, I do see a lot of people ordering this or the Loco Moco (Burger Steak) Light Meal. It is a rice topping meal where you have rice, chicken (for omurice) or burger patty, then the top would be wrapped with scrambled egg then a brown sauce will be poured on it. For me the taste was so-so but I just find it weird that I kept on tasting ketchup on it and it was bothering me on every bite. Without that ketchup taste, I would have been able to appreciate this dish more.

Tokyo Cafe Yoshi Burger – PHP 178.00

Yum Yum! I’m glad I picked this one when it was suggested to me (I would have opted for the regular cheeseburger). Here’s the composition of the burger (apologies if I labeled them wrong).

  • Bun
  • Onion Relish
  • Meat sauce
  • Tomato
  • Cheese
  • Mayo
  • Burger Patty
  • Lettuce
  • Bun

I really liked the taste of this burger especially how everything just fits perfectly. I would take a slice from top to bottom and usually, I won’t be able to include everything because they tend to scatter but still it would taste great! I would definitely go back to Tokyo Cafe just to eat this again. Thumbs up! (and to think that I should lay off eating burgers for now since that experience with the Tombstone Burger lol).

We would have opted to get some dessert (be it a crepe or a parfait) but we ran out of time… so…

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Tokyo Cafe, SM Mall of Asia
G/Lvl. South Wing, Main Mall Bldg.
Pasay City, Metro Manila

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  1. Patty de Chavez says:

    The reason for the Omurice’s overwhelming ketchup-y taste is that ketchup is one of the main ingredients of the dish :)

    Love your blog! New fan here :)

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