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Luncheon Buffet by Berjaya Manila Hotel

Berjaya Manila Hotel


Thanks to; we were able to try out this deal.

Only P225 for a Superb Luncheon Buffet at the Berjaya Manila Hotel! (Original Price P450)

My girlfriend and I were turning two months old so we decided to celebrate it with a feast… well a buffet. We bought this voucher from Buyanihan because it was cheap for a buffet.

I made my reservations at least a month before but the person on the line told me that we don’t need a reservation. We can simply walk in but I insisted because that was mentioned in the terms of the voucher.

We arrived there a few minutes before 12pm (the start of the buffet) and aside from us, there was only 1 family preparing to eat. We were lucky that we were the early birds because minutes later, groups of people began to arrive and the place was filled up completely. There were other people who had to wait because there were no available seats.

We noticed that the staff had a hard time coping up with the volume of people so maybe they are not used to that.

Ok, now let us talk about the food.

For starters, they have two types of salad which we did not try. LoL

For the meal dishes, they have the following choices.

  • Oriental Noodle Soup – “Herb” noodle soup. Lots of garlic.
  • Kare Kare – ddn’t try
  • Chicken – tasty!
  • Rellenong Bangus – tasty but it wasn’t boneless…
  • Grilled Seafood – the fish was also tasty

For the carving station, they have pork loin and beside it was the make-your-own pasta station. (in which I forgot to take a picture).

For desserts, they have make-your-own halo-halo and some local desserts (except the buchi).

Overall, the buffet was a great experience. We stayed there for almost two hours and we were both stuffed. My stomach was nearly as hard as my forehead already and I had a hard time standing up anymore. We really made sure that we got our money’s worth on this one.

See the pictures here…

Looking forward to our next month and hopefully another buffet to celebrate it with :)

Till next time,

EL Prado Restaurant
Berjaya Manila Hotel
7835 Makati Avenue cor Eduque Street
Makati City
Tel. No. 750-7500 locals 1 & 4

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3 thoughts on “Berjaya Manila Hotel Luncheon Buffet

  1. Rellenong bangus and not boneless! You have got to be kidding! I wouldn’t eat there if that is the case.

So what can you say? :)