Mañana Mexican Cuisine at Boracay

Mañana Mexican Cuisine at Boracay

Mañana Mexican Cuisine at Boracay

Last February 2013, we visited Boracay with friends. On our last night, we ate at Mañana Mexican cuisine. We worked up quite an appetite from our long walk which started from our hotel at station 2 going to Talipapa at station 3 then a long trip back Station 1 where Mañana was.

As we arrived there, our companions have already started their meals and I observed what they ordered. It was a mixture of tacos, burritos and enchiladas. However, what caught my eye was the serving size of each order! For example, their burritos were as long as six inches and there’s two per order so you’ll have to finish a foot long burrito.

I was confident that Mañana’s servings will still be defeated by our hunger…

Mañana Dips

Each order comes with dips or add-ons. I only recognized salsa out of the four but the other three were spicy.

Mañana Taco Platter

Mañana Taco Platter – PHP 352

The original style: 3 hard corn tortillas, or w-flour beef, served with our own Mexican rice, refried beans and sweet corn.

Oozing with cheese, this crunchy, beefy (ground beef) and leafy taco was delicious in every bite. It was messy to eat and can be filling despite how it looks.

Mañana Taco Platter BrokenDown

We ended up mixing it all together like a salad in order to finish the last piece. Less messy and earlier to eat!

Mañana Burritos Platter

Mañana Burritos Platter – PHP 363

2 big tortillas stuffed with your choice of chicken or beef, topped with zesty Mexican sauce and cheddar cheese, served with our Mexican rice, refried beans, sour cream and sweet corn.

When the menu said “big”, it wasn’t kidding. We tried both the chicken and beef variant. We liked more how the chicken blended with the burrito when compared to the beef.

Mañana serves fresh food with big servings! It’s a place you must visit in Boracay especially if you brought your appetite. The last few bites of the burrito were a challenge but it was really worth it!

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Mañana Mexican Cuisine
White Beach, near Boat Station 1, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan

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