Mad for Garlic Lunch

Mad for Garlic Lunch

Mad for Garlic


We were supposed to eat at IHOP but upon arriving there, we were very far from the waiting list and hungry tummies are not that patient so I checked out neighboring restaurants to see where we can eat. We landed at Mad for Garlic; just two restaurants away from IHOP. When I first entered Mad for Garlic; I thought of it as a fusion of Krazy Garlik and a wine bar. The place was surrounded by wine bottles and the faint aroma of garlic.

We went in, got seated and ordered…

Mad for Garlic Fresh Spinach Salad

Fresh Spinach Salad – PHP 295

Fresh spinach salad with fried garlic and bacon slices with aromatic balsamic dressing

First up was our healthy appetizer. Popeye would be very proud to see us eating his favorite dish. While I did like everything especially the fried garlic; I just found the dressing too sour for my taste.

Mad for Garlic Dracula Killer

Mad for Garlic Dracula Killer (2)

Dracula Killer – PHP 195

Soft garlic bread served with garlic cooked in olive oil and anchovies

Next up, would be an interesting dish they call Dracula Killer. It was garlic bread toasted with cheese topped with … garlic! It can surely kill Dracula and also your companion once you start talking to them.

Mad for Garlic Mixed Cheese Pizza

Mixed Cheese Pizza – PHP 425

Pizza topped with four different kinds of cheese

The only dish we ordered that didn’t have garlic. Nothing special about it too.

Mad for Garlic Garlic Snowing Pizza

Garlic Snowing Pizza – PHP 545

Mad for garlic special sauce topped with Shrimp, Pineapple, and Fried Sliced Garlic

This was interesting. I see the return of the fried garlic chips (which I loved) and I was wondering why it was called “snowing”. Upon serving the pizza, the waiter would grate cheese all over it which gives it the snow effect. I really liked the taste of this pizza thanks to the pizza sauce that they used. It was sweet / flavorful and since it was a thin-crust pizza; you can fully appreciate the taste of the toppings.

Mad for Garlic Garlic Sizzling Rice

Garlic Sizzling Rice – PHP 425

Special fried rice sauteed with bacon and tossed with flying fish roe

Hooray for fried garlic! We meet again! Yummy rice with generous servings of bacon and crunchiness of garlic chips.

Mad for Garlic Seafood Cream Risotto

Seafood Cream Risotto – PHP 775

Risotto Cooked with Seafood

This came out bland if you compare it to their garlic sizzling rice.

Mad for Garlic Garlic Steak

 Garlic Steak – PHP 1350

Prime Rib-eye steak topped with various kinds of garlic

Juicy steak overloaded with garlic toppings! Again, we have the fried garlic chips and also minced garlic. It makes me wonder how many pieces of garlic were being used per order? The steak was ok; not so bad but it could be better in terms of taste but that’s what the garlic came to compliment.

Overall, it was a fulfilling lunch. I enjoyed the snowing pizza, sizzling rice and the steak. The prices were expensive so it’s a place where you can go to splurge once in a while. Also, it would be a good thing to bring mints or even better; toothbrush set because you don’t want to kill normal persons as you go on Dracula hunting quest.

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Mad for Garlic
W Global Center
W Global Center, 30th St cor 9th Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 808-9517

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