Main Street at Tuscany Estates

Main Street at Tuscany Estates

Main Street - Bacon Cheeseburger Poutinerie

Main Street – Bacon Cheeseburger Poutinerie – PHP 240

Main Street opens its doors to serve Canadian comfort food. 

I initially thought of Main Street as an American Restaurant but upon further research (or googling), Main Street’s actually a place in Vancouver, Canada. That place served as an inspiration for the Chef to open Main Street and serve Canadian Comfort Food.

Main Street - Roasted Tomato Soup

Main Street – Roasted Tomato Soup – PHP 120

For some reason, I wanted to try the tomato soup as soon as I saw it on the menu. I’m just glad that it didn’t disappoint as I enjoyed every sip of it. Every spoonful was tomato-ey! It gets served hot so don’t get burnt like I did.

Main Street - Bacon Cheeseburger Poutinerie

Main Street – Bacon Cheeseburger Poutinerie – PHP 240

Next up would be the Poutine.

Poutine is a Canadian dish, originating in the province of Quebec, made with french fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy. (Wikipedia)

Aside from the traditional poutine with only fries, cheese and gravy; they also have four more variants to choose from. We picked Bacon Cheeseburger but the Smoked Pulled Pork sounds good (perhaps on another day).

Despite the difference in name; On first glance I would liken it to French Fries with yummy toppings! Indeed it was! It was like eating a cheeseburger where the bun has been replaced by fries.

Main Street - Grilled Steak

Main Street – Grilled Steak – PHP 380

This dish had a simply yet straight forward name. I would have called it “steak-si-log”. The steak comes from Kitayama and it was pink, tender and delicious! A breakfast meal that I’d want to eat everyday. Btw, there’s a Kitayama meat shop at Makati.

Main Street - Salmon Fish and Chips

Main Street – Salmon Fish and Chips – PHP 350

More over cream dory as the pink salmon has taken your place in this fish and chips dish. Salmon by itself has its own flavor which helps reduce the boring taste of battered fish. However, I just realized now… where’s the chips?

I only had good things to say about what we ate at Main Street because we enjoyed every dish. We did order those that had a familiar name to it since we weren’t that brave to experiment but perhaps on another visit; we would try those pure Canadian dishes. One thing in mind would be the traditional poutine. Also, I’m interested in crab burger/cakes, pulled pork, wagyu and salmon cheeseburger.

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Main Street Restaurant
Tuscany Estates
Tuscany Estates, Upper McKinley Rd
McKinley Hill, Taguig
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