Malcolm’s Deli Lunch – Kitayama Wagyu Time

Malcolm’s Deli Lunch – Kitayama Wagyu Time

Malcolm's Deli

Even before we started eating out at restaurants that serve ramen, we have always been a meat family (except my mother who has avoided red meat for her health) so that means a lot of roast beef, steaks or any dish that has beef during our dine outs. For this Sunday brunch, we tried Malcolm’s Deli. I have always been a fan of their burgers, Malcolm’s burger because aside from their claim that it is a wagyu burger, it is very juicy and delicious for me. An instant feel good meal at not so expensive cost.

So now on to the food!

Malcolm's Macaroni Salad


Malcolm’s Macaroni Salad – PHP 230

This was what my mother ordered and as much as I liked to eat macaroni salad, I couldn’t eat her only food. As a salad, I have to say that it would have been better to have more leafy goodness. The apples and pineapple in the description were replaced with grapes but no worries there.

My father, brother and I had the same order. Rib Eye Kitayama Wagyu Steak. During our visit, I have no idea on what Kitayama should stand for but all I know is when you say wagyu, then it means quality and marbling! Upon further research, there’s a shop called Kitayama Meat shop (along Pasong Tamo… so near me!) that sells locally sourced Wagyu beef. These royal cows hail from Bukidnon, treated like royalty and butchered to satisfy our wagyu cravings.

The prices for the Kitayama Wagyu Steaks of Malcolm’s Deli are the following:

  • Rib Eye = PHP 275 per 50 grams
  • Porterhouse = PHP 250 per 50 grams
  • Striploin = PHP 250 per 50 grams

I don’t know with you but when a restaurant serves steaks where the cost is based on weight, I already consider that as a quality steak house. But of course, it will still be up to the tongue to determine…

Malcolm's Kitayama Ribe Eye Wagyu Steak


Malcolm’s Kitayama Rib Eye Wagyu Steak – PHP 275 per 50 grams (~approx 200-220 grams)

In the menu, you can read that they cook their steaks medium well unless you prefer another style. One thing to note about their steaks was that; it doesn’t come with any gravy. But who needs gravy when you are faced with a juicy and tender steak. I say tender because although it is about half an inch thick, my fork had no troubles slicing through it. I may be exaggerating but it was as easy as slicing corned beef chunks. Juicy because, as my fork sinks into the meat, juices flow out… (Like that hot dog commercial).

Now comes the taste; and to be honest, I had no problems with it and I really enjoyed it. It may taste a bit bland at the start (especially if you are used to gravy on steaks) but the flavor just grows on you. Also, this was the first time that I actually enjoyed using A1 sauce with it and they really complimented each other; the result? An additional order of extra rice and around 1/3 of the steak left as my dessert.

A few minutes later, we had three satisfied gentlemen rubbing their well-fed tummy; thanks to Malcolm’s Deli steaks.

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