Mama Gan Catering in Iloilo

Mama Gan Catering in Iloilo

At my sister’s engagement earlier today, our food was catered by Mama Gan Restaurant.

Mamagan Catering Services

For this event, I failed to stop people (as if it is possible) from taking food into their plates because I can grab pictures so I just waited for them to settle down so that I could have all the time in the world to take pictures. The only problem was that I did not manage to capture the food in it’s untouched state.


Pancit Molo Soup
One of my favorite soups. This is similar to a pork dumpling soup. It’s too bad that I do not see this often in Manila.

In Chinese traditions, Miswa is for Long life. I did not eat this because I want to eat rice and viands.

Lapu Lapu
Lapu Lapu in oyster sauce I believe. A very expensive fish when you order this in Manila so whenever I get the chance to eat this for free, I get big portions of it.

Pork and Chicken Adobo
There is really something with Mama Gan’s adobo that is different from the other adobo I have tasted and it is something good. The sauce itself is not the usual oily texture where you will feel guilty mixing it with your rice. I usually bring some back to Manila whenever I go back from Iloilo.

Chop Suey with Shrimp
Oh my, veggies… go eat the shrimp and let’s get other dishes please. LoL :)

Lengua with Veggies
Lengua is also one of my favorite dishes. Apart from making jokes on giving the Ox a fresh kiss (then observing their reactions), the taste is really good. As for the taste, it tastes like normal lengua. I have yet to taste a lengua that has a different or unique taste.

Lechon de Leche
Poor piglet. This small pig gives us a more tender pork when compare to its bigger counterpart. I guess since it is much younger.

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Mama Gan Restaurant

Iloilo City

Yulo Street Iloilo (in front of DFA Iloilo)

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  1. lynette casaba says:

    Plan ko po magpakater sa birthday ng anak ko nasa magkano po bah ang magagastos po

So what can you say? :)