Manang’s Chicken – Stop Look and Capture 3rd Anniversary Giveaway #2

Manang’s Chicken – Stop Look and Capture 3rd Anniversary Giveaway #2

Featuring Manang's Chicken new Garlic Pork Meal

Before launching this giveaway, I paid a visit to Manang’s chicken in the hopes to try out their new meals and their Red Velvet Sundae. Sadly, the sundae wasn’t available at their Glorietta branch . This (picture above) is one of Manang’s Chicken’s new offering; Garlic Pork Meal. At PHP 99, you get a crispy pork chop bathing in a mix of garlic and bread crumbs. It also comes with their vinegar-like dipping sauce which I accidentally / clumsily poured on my meal.

The pork chop was extremely crispy but it wasn’t hard to chew because once you get past the breading, the pork was tender enough that you don’t need a knife to slice through it. Though I love garlic yet after going through their big serving; I reached my garlic quota and had to scrape off some of it.

All right! Let’s now officially launch our 2nd Giveaway and this GC has been sponsored by Manang’s chicken.

Get a chance to win a PHP 500 Gift Certificate from Manang’s Chicken

Contest will officially start on March 17, 2013.

Manang’s Chicken Gift Certificate Giveaway

This entitles the bearer to **Five Hundred Philippine Pesos (PHP 500)** worth of food and beverage at Manang’s Chicken.

**Raffle duration:
March 17 to March 31, 2013**

  • This is open to Metro Manila Residents
  • One (1) Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter so the more entries you have, the more chances of winning.
  • Winners will be contacted via Email/Twitter/Facebook and they have 3 days to reply. Else I will pick another winner.

Enjoy and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Whoa… end of the page, how about another giveaway in parallel?

Well, Me and Jessa (my girlfriend), is also hosting another giveaway right now which I’d really like for you to join! GCs from Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and Dermclinic are to be given away so what are you waiting for?

Learn more about it here.

72 thoughts on “Manang’s Chicken – Stop Look and Capture 3rd Anniversary Giveaway #2

  1. Manang’s deep fried chicken!

  2. Ron Villasquez says:

    Manang’s Burger! The best!

  3. Manang’s Chicken Wings! :)

  4. Manang’s Spicy Chicken with original sauce :D :P~

  5. Manang’s Garlic Pork Meal.

    Kirsten Allysandra San Juan

  6. Manang’s Chicken double deep fried chicken
    Jose Tuason

  7. carla venice relayo says:


  8. carla venice relayo says:


  9. Jenny Esplana says:

    Jenny P. Esplana

    I love it when we were in SM NORTH EDSA

  10. deep fried chicken

    sherry ann gole cruz

  11. virgie galvez says:

    manang’s spicy chicken wings
    virgie galvez

  12. I super love all of their chicken dishes! Yummy!
    Clarinda Santiago

  13. GARLIC PORK RICE MEAL and Manang’s Chips and Dip

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  14. Manang’s Fish Fillet!! <3

    Ayesha Isaguirre

  15. Ultimate crispy chicken sandwich, manang’s chips and dips, coleslaw. This is my complete meal everytime I eat at Manang’s. c”,)

  16. Manang’s Chicken wings & their red velvet sundae.

  17. Manang’s Chicken wings
    Rachel Ann Lamano

  18. Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Velvet Sundae

    Francis Falucho

  19. Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich, of course with Chips and Dips on the side. :)

    Name: Marizza Domingo

  20. Mary Santos says:

    I love Manang’s Fish Fillet w/ Velvet Sundae
    Mary Santos

  21. Robert Jonathan Chan says:

    Robert Jonathan Chan
    Manang’s Potato chips they’re so crispy

  22. My favorite is the wings meal and the chips and dips
    Analaine Laurio

  23. Manang’s Chicken wings.

    Carolyn Ong

  24. Margaret S. Chan says:

    Margaret S. Chan

    I love Manang Spicy wings

  25. pinkpearl2004 says:

    My favorite is the Manang’s Chicken Wings meal!

    Lourdes Cruz

  26. Allan Reyes says:

    Manang’s Chicken wings
    Allan Reyes

  27. Fried Pansit crispy chicken sandwich Fudge sundae and Chicken Cuts
    Chezka Sandoval

  28. Rhozallino Ramones says:

    My Favorite dish from Manang’s Chicken is the Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich.
    Rhozallino Ramones

  29. monica kerstin dela cuesta says:

    What is your favorite dish from Manang’s Chicken? Chicken wings ang barkada chips. Perfect food cravings for me

    Monica Kerstin M. dela Cuesta

  30. joshua paul perry says:

    chicken wings

    joshua paul perry

  31. Ultimate Crispy Chicken Sandwich

  32. Mark Joey says:

    chips and dips

    Mark Joey Sj dela Cruz /

  33. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    Manang’s Chips and Dips

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  34. Abigail Sy says:

    The Garlic Pork meal
    Abigail Sy

  35. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    Manang’s Chicken with Rice

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  36. kathryn yau says:

    Sesame Beef Stew Rice Meal

  37. charlie canson says:

    looks delicious

  38. Elldon King Arabit says:

    Manang’s Chicken with Rice

    Elldon King Arabit

  39. Chips and Dips

    Perlita Fernandez

  40. Manang’s Chicken with Rice
    Agustin John Cabredo II

  41. Kany Vic Perez says:

    Chicken And rice and their chips and dips!

    Kany Vic Perez

  42. Manangs Chips and Dips

  43. Manang’s Chips and Dips!
    Say Yap

  44. RODEL S. MERCURIO says:

    What is your favorite dish from Manang’s Chicken?

    Answer: My favorite dish from Manang’s chicken is fried chicken.

    Email address: RODELMERCURIO956@YAHOO.COM

  45. Manang’s Chips and Dips yumyum!
    Roel Christopher

  46. Manang’s Chips and Dips

    ralph adversario

  47. My favorite is Manang’s Chips and Dips

    Carlo Lualhati

  48. ++Manangs chicken
    Spicy chicken
    Chips and Dips


  49. haven’t tried Manang’s chicken yet so I don’t know what to answer.. But I’ve read good reviews about ’em and I’m excited to try their serving of Chicken (of course :)) Spicy would be yummier for me ;) And upon looking at their site, I would also want to try their Cheesy Spag and Chips&Dips. :)

    Sarah Angela Malory A. Peralta

  50. I would like to try the Garlic Pork Meal! Looks yummy!
    Clyde A. Gabriel

  51. Chona Gomba says:

    I love the Chicken Cuts!

  52. I like the ultimate crispy chicken sandwich
    joanne lao-perez

  53. Rachel Canales says:

    Manang’s Chips and Dips
    Rachel Canales

  54. ma. cecilia de la costa says:

    My favorite is Manang’s Fried Chicken!

    mg de la costa

  55. Belinda Ibanez says:

    My favorite is it’s fried chicken.
    Belinda B. Ibañez

  56. Manang’s Chips and Dips :) so yummy

    Jelie Mirador

  57. fried chicken
    camille quiambao

  58. Chicken Cuts

    Remedios Ventura

  59. Niña Llagono says:

    Fried Chicken!
    Niña Llagono

  60. Chips and dips! <3

    Gizette Cao

  61. What is your favorite dish from Manang’s Chicken?
    Fried Chicken , Chips and Dips

    Name :
    Liberty Floro

  62. Rainer Yabut says:

    Spicy chicken

    rainier yabut

  63. I just love all of their chicken dishes, they definitely have that chicken dishes anybody would love!!!

    Clarinda Santiago

  64. I love all of their chicken dishes because they are simply delicious!!!

    Albert Roman Santiago

  65. Manang’s Chips and Dips
    Ferdinand Angeles

So what can you say? :)