Manang’s Chicken

Manang’s Chicken First Impressions

Manang's Chicken

Manang’s Chicken

I have been hearing great reviews about Manang’s Chicken so it made me curious on the taste. They double fry their chicken so that would remind you of Bon Chon or Chicken Charlie (which I have yet to try). When you say double-fried, it literally means that it was fried twice so the chicken fat is dissolved and the skin would be very crispy. Then instead of gravy, the chicken is dunked into a sauce so that it can absorb or at least try to absorb the sauce to add flavor (usually sweet or spicy sauce is used).

As I observed how they prepared the chicken, this is actually how Manang’s did it. They got a piece of fried chicken, put it in a container with a  sauce, shake for a few seconds and serve. The sauce I picked was the mid spicy one as I don’t want to suffer in the spiciness, just a kick.

Manang's Chicken Chicken Cut

Manang’s Chicken Chicken Cut

First, I have to mention that their sauce had a nice aroma to it. It would certainly add to your appetite as you dig in to the chicken. As for the chicken, the skin was indeed crispy but sadly, I couldn’t taste the sauce anymore once I have devoured the chicken skin. The cut I got, chicken breast, had a lot to do with it as that’s the most boring part of the chicken (just plain white meat and shouldn’t be eaten alone!).

In a way, I can say that it wasn’t that satisfying for me so when I return to Manang’s, I’ll request for a different cut of the chicken like thigh or leg. I hope on that time, the sauce would now be able to penetrate past the skin.

Update – Feb 2013

Just yesterday, I ate again at Manang’s Chicken. I noticed that this time, the chicken was soaking in their sauce which addressed my previous comment where the sauce wasn’t able to penetrate past the skin. As a result, it was very flavorful (although some might say that the flavor is too strong -nothing rice can counter).

I’m wondering why their mild spicy sauce was more spicy than their extra spicy.

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Manang’s Chicken, Glorietta 4
3/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila

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