Mang Inasal Halo Halo

Mang Inasal Halo Halo

Mang Inasal Halo Halo

Mang Inasal Halo Halo 2 – PHP 49 (Regular); PHP 69 (Upsize)

September 16, 2010

Saw this one on the menu while I was planning to pig out in Mang Inasal. Since I ordered Halo-Halo, I only ate three cups of rice then prepared for my cold dessert. (My maximum rice intake here was four cups of rice but it makes me very full that it doesn’t feel good anymore)

Mang Inasal Halo Halo 2

Mang Inasal Halo Halo 2 – PHP 49 (Regular); PHP 69 (Upsize)

At a price of only PHP 49.00, the Halo-Halo from Mang Inasal is worth it.

Not only do you get the usual ingredients in a Halo-halo (eg. Pinipig, Kaong, Leche Flan, Banana, Jackfruit) , they also included one scoop of ice cream (brought by their endorsement of Nestle Sorbetes) that you can melt and mix in your Halo-halo. The result is a “soup” like mix of ice, milk and ice cream while the other ingredients are floating waiting to be rescued and eaten in one bite. Pardon me for sounding like someone who just had his first halo halo because usually when I eat Halo-halo in Chowking, I skip the ice cream as that would be more expensive so I’m not used to eating halo-halo with a mix of ice cream.

Overall, nice buy!

I’ll definitely change my eating habit in Mang Inasal to include this one on my pig-out days.

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