Manganen Bagnet House

Manganen Bagnet House

Manganen Bagnet Kare Kare

From two friends who wants to fulfill their dreams; Manganen Bagnet House offers different types of dishes centered on bagnet and more bagnet!

Our fourth stop for the Zomato Hunger Games was at Manganen Bagnet House. 

Let us start with a trivia (from what I have learned during the event). Manganen means “to eat” in Ilokano dialect. At Ilocos, one of the delicacies there would be the bagnet. Before refrigerators and freezers came into the picture; people preserved their food via “bagnet” (bagnettin as the verb). It is done through boiling the meat first then frying it until all the moisture is gone. When it is ready to be served; it gets fried again to get that crunchy like chicharon skin and tender meat. Magic!

That’s the traditional way of cooking bagnet and there’s also Manganen Bagnet house’s way which was to slow cooked the pork for hours! The result was a piece of white gold .. I mean, tender pork. I watched as it was sliced like hot knife through butter. It was a beautiful sight but enough with our eyes; it is time for our stomach to be happy.

As our fourth stop; we politely declined the offer for rice but they still insisted with one cup for each of our tables. Well, their loss or not?

Manganen Bagnet House Dinakdakan

Manganen Bagnet House Dinakdakan – PHP 218

Dinakdakan is made up of pork face (e.g. pork ears, cheeks). Similar to sisig less the sizzling, chicharon and crunchiness. I couldn’t remember if I have tried this before although I’m sure that I have tried grilled pork ears so the texture wasn’t all new to me. Wow! is all I can say about this dish. This made me go for the rice as soon as I tasted the creamy and chewy pieces. All throughout the night, I kept coming back for repeat servings of this dish.

Manganen Bagnet Kare Kare

Manganen Bagnet Kare Kare – PHP 298

One dish that bagnet has invaded would be the kare-kare. Instead of tripe, beef or ox tail; bagnet was used. The peanut butter was homemade and it was chunky with peanut bits here and there. I would gladly scope the bagnet, make a mixture of peanut sauce and bagoong and use that as my dip. Since the dish is meant to be shared then I can share the veggies too.

Manganen Bagnet Express

Manganen Bagnet Express – PHP 278

Last up would be another bagnet dish called bagnet express (bicol express). I’m immediately sold on the richness flavor of the coconut milk (which was made fresh and not from powders or sachet). It amazes me that despite being drenched in the sauce, the meat was still able to stand out and the skin was crunchy. Another rice hungry dish here and I’m proud to admit that I finished the cup of rice on our table.

To finish our meal, we were served with their sinigang broth. Taste-wise, the sourness was there but what made it different was viscous soup. It was very similar to yogurt’s viscosity (for the lack of a better comparison).

I really enjoyed our meal here at Manganen. It didn’t matter that this was our fourth stop… I finished that one bowl of rice thanks to great food and failure to resist temptation.

Disclosure: Manganen Bagnet House paid for our meals

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Manganen Bagnet House

116 Lilac Street
SSS Village
Concepcion Dos
Marikina City

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