Manos Greek Taverna Lunch

Manos Greek Taverna Lunch

Manos Greek Taverna

Our first destination after arriving at Tagaytay was to eat lunch at Manos Greek Taverna. I have read great reviews for this restaurant so I felt that it would be a good way to start our date (btw, it was our 6th month Monthsary so was trying to make it more special with an out-of-town trip).

Ambiance wise, it would be a fail because the place looks very old. I guess people come here because of the quality of their food and not for the ambiance. We browsed through the menu and let me present to you our orders.

Manos Greek Taverna Greek Bread

Greek Bread – PHP 60

Instead of rice, we ordered bread. We were given five (5) slices of bread which we used to dip or eat with the saganaki and the mousaka. The bread itself was bland and hard especially if you are used to soft white bread.

Manos Greek Taverna Saganaki

Saganaki – Php 200

baked shrimps, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, bread cubes

Their saganaki is a different variant from the saganaki we had at Cyma. It had tomato sauce, was sour and it already includes some bread cubes for you to enjoy. The shrimp was ordinary.

Manos Greek Taverna Mousaka

Mousaka – Php 300

olive oil, eggplant, potatoes, zucchini, onions minced meat (beef), white wine bechamel sauce, parmesan cheese

This looks very similar to lasagna where instead of pasta, they used eggplant meat. The top was very cheesy and meat + eggplant combo was delicious. It was a good compliment to the saganaki due to the latter’s sourness.

Manos Greek Taverna Yogurt with Honey

Yogurt with honey – Php 140

Home made honey with nuts

This was our healthy dessert. Eating the yogurt alone proved to be a very sour challenge so you really have to mix the honey to it to enjoy it. Good for 2-3 persons or 1 if you are a yogurt addict.

Manos Greek Taverna Calamansi Juice

For drinks, Jessa had calamansi juice (+1 sourness) and I had green tea.

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at Manos Greek Taverna. I thought our orders weren’t enough but I was wrong because we were stuffed! I was satisfied and it was also very affordable.

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Manos Greek Taverna, Tagaytay City
Calamba Road, Olivarez, San Jose
Tagaytay City, Cavite
(0916) 429-8358

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