Marriot Hotel Manila Offers Turkey to Go–A Thanksgiving Feast

Marriot Hotel Manila Offers Turkey to Go–A Thanksgiving Feast

Marriott Hotel - Turkey-to-Go

My idea of Thanksgiving (thanks to movies and books) has always been about roasted turkeys celebrated with family members. It is a National Holiday for US and Canada; not really something we celebrate here in the Philippines but Marriott Manila has other plans. Starting on November 28 up to December 25, 2013, you can order your very own Thanksgiving feast with a huge turkey to go with it at Marriott Hotel Manila.

Jolly Santa-Claus Executive Chief Meik Brammer

Roasted by the Jolly Santa-Claus Executive Chief Meik Brammer; they launched the Turkey to Go feast. It contains the following…

A mix of starters to awaken your appetite.

Marriott Manila Turkey to Go Salads

Lettuce salad with dressing, classic stuffing (1kg); potato salad (500g); buttered mashed potatoes (1.5kg) ; Brussel sprouts with bacon (750g), baked pumpkin (not in pic)

Two (2) pieces of pies for dessert and to complete the experience! (Apple and Pumpkin)

Marriott Manila Turkey to Go Apple Pie

Apple Pie!

Marriott Manila Turkey to Go Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie! Yum! (…on the side, I was really curious how it would look like if you throw a pie into someone’s face just like in the movies)

But let us not forget about the main event; the roasted turkey!

Marriott Manila Turkey to Go Turkey

The turkey weighs about six to seven (6-7) kilos! It may look small in the picture but it was huge and all of us (twenty or more) were able to get one serving and even have enough for a return trip (like what I did). It goes well with cranberry sauce (500g included).

… all of this for the price of PHP 7500. Not bad eh? It’s good for those who would like to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family or with their team but they do not have the time to prepare / cook due to time constraints. Just pick up the phone and see how Marriott Manila makes it easy to have your very own Thanksgiving turkey via their Turkey To Go.

Disclosure: Marriott sponsored our Turkey To Go meal. For orders and inquiries, call (02)9889999 local 8090.

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