Master Double CheeseBurger by Sango the Burger Master

Master Double CheeseBurger by Sango the Burger Master

September 04, 2010

I thought about what to eat and I thought of adding something new to Stop! Look! and Capture!’s burger entries so I went to munchpunch and looked for restaurants the offers burgers here in Makati and has delivery.

Well, after reading through different menus, I decided upon Sango! the Burger Master. I called them up to order and I discovered the following:

  • 10% Delivery Charge
  • PHP 350.00 Minimum for Delivery
  • Deliver time is around 45 – 50 minutes

I was like, oh my, and I was embarrassed to cancel my order (lol it’s expensive!) so I proceeded with the order with a bill of PHP 374.00. I sure hope it is worth the price.

… time passes by… 30 minutes later… I was informed that the delivery has arrived. So I went down and got my purchase.

So here’s my order. I tamed my hunger for a few minutes as I tried to take pictures. (btw, the spaghetti sauce mentioned that I will be repeating over and over again is not really spaghetti sauce but it just looks like it).

Sango Master Fries – PHP 115.50 (PHP105 normal)

Basically, this is fries in spaghetti sauce + cheese + minced onions combo. I had to recreate the presentation this one because it was packed and doesn’t look good at all in the first glance. I hope my attempt was worth it. I’m not usually a potato person but I was curious on what their master fries had to offer and besides, I need something else to fill the PHP350.00 minimum (ouch!). Well, this wasn’t a bad choice because I liked how the sauce made me feel like I’m not eating french fries which is a good thing. My only problem here was that for its price, the serving was very small so this makes it an expensive menu item.

Sango Master Double CheeseBurger  – PHP 258.50 (PHP 235 normal)

This is the main attraction. I could have just ordered the regular Master Cheese Burger but I wanted to try their biggest I believe, so I ordered this one. Based from experience, Sango burgers are really messy to eat because of the number of layers it has and the spagetti sauce + minced onions layer was very restless. For this one, I had a plate below the burger and my hands were full of sauce after eating.

So here are the layers of this Sango Master Double Cheeseburger

  • Bread
  • Slice of Tomato
  • Spagetti Sauce + Minced Onions
  • Cheese
  • Patty
  • Lettuce
  • Patty
  • Bread

Well, what can I say? The burger was delicious! The flavor was really enhanced by the spaghetti sauce and even though on every bite, the inner layers tend to move around, I was able to finish it with a few sauce drops on the plate which I also ate using a fork. The only downside, just like the master fries, is the price. I think it is too expensive for it’s price of PHP235 so this one is simply for the sake of the experience of eating their master burger. So far, among the burgers blogged here, this one is # 1 in terms of taste (come on, this against fast food burgers :p )  but the most expensive one too.

Btw, you may also want to try out their other burgers like the yakiniku rice burger (the patty is made up of rice) and their teriyaki burgers (chicken or beef).

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Sango The Burger Master
Makati Creekside Mall
Address: Rm. 5 GF, Creekside Mall, Amorsolo St., corner Herrera St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Phone no: 8300391 8894445
Mobile no.: +63 922-8852772 +63 923-2805796

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  1. Hi nong allen! Nami blog mo nong ah..Daw nagutom ko ba..timing gd sa lunch..nami man ang teriyaki burger nila. :)

    • Hello hehe, musta ka na? :D hehe dko pa natry ang teriyaki burger nila, yakiniku pa lang tapos ang master burger. treat mo ko dira haah joke :P

  2. that’s a huge one! i like their plain hamburger and fries though. Sarap!

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