Max Crispy Pata Feast

Max Crispy Pata Feast

Max Restaurant Crispy Pata Feast

January 18, 2011

I was invited by Bright Idea Events Management to another celebration by Max’s Restaurant (if you can remember, I was invited last year for the ending of Max’s Chicken-All-You-Can promo). This time it is to celebrate their new promo which is the Crispy Pata Feast!

So what’s in store for us diners with their new Crispy Pata Feast promo (PHP 865)? Well, the first and most important piece would be the Crispy Pata, then the soup which is the Sinigang na Bangus Belly, paired with 4 cups of rice and 4 glasses of soda and finished off by 4 servings of Buko Pandan. Let’s break it down…

Max’s Crispy Pata

Oh forgive me for betraying myself when I’m supposed to be controlling my calorie intake… but I just couldn’t resist eating a lot of crispy pata especially when it is right there in front of you saying, “eat me eat me!!!” The skin was crispy (don’t forget to peel off those fat) and the meat was tender. This is the first I have tried their crispy pata and I was actually impressed. Even if I don’t dip it to the sauce (soy sauce + tomato + onions + [what is that spicy green thing]), it already tastes good.

My only comment here is that they should give us better knives to cut this to lessen the effort of hungry people trying to get some slices. One with sharper teeth :D

Max’s Sinigang na Bangus Belly

I’m glad these picked sinigang as their soup to partner crispy pata with because I really like sinigang. Although it is not as sour as I wanted it to be, it is already ok and the bangus (milkfish) slices were abundant (just need more of the actual fish stomach though). This made my meal perfect as I would pour some soup over my rice, then grab a slice of crispy pata, mix them up in the spoon and then put them in my mouth. The mix of tender crispy pata and sour rice just made me squirm .. with guilt (I lost my self control).

Max’s Buko Pandan

Yum yum! A nice way to end the pigging out session is with something sweet.

and the result of this feast? A very full stomach and a minor head-ache from all those crispy pata guilty pleasures that I ate. It was still a great satisfying feast but something that you should just eat moderately (love your heart lol). Here is what is left of the feast.

I would like to thank Max’s Restaurant for this opportunity to have a sneak preview of their Max’s Restaurant Crispy Pata Feast promo which is set to start of January 20, 2011 until February 20, 2011. Please go see my other post regarding this (still under construction at

Disclosure: The meal was sponsored by Max’s restaurant via a blogger event.

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6 thoughts on “Max Crispy Pata Feast

  1. Mukhang masarap! :D ok ba Crispy pata nila? May option ba to have it chopped before serving?

  2. [what is that spicy green thing] is called chili (sili in Filipino) you fool =))

So what can you say? :)