Max’s Restaurant Halo Halo

Max’s Restaurant Halo Halo

November 14, 2010

I always wanted to try out the Halo Halo from Max’s Restaurant as I have heard good reviews about them. Well, one Sunday evening, I finally got to taste their Halo Halo.

As usual I ate the Leche Flan first as I don’t want it to mix with the halo-halo then I proceeded to mix everything. I can see the usual ingredients for halo halo and once thing I noticed is that they have cheese on it. Now this is something new for me and it was a difference experience for me in eating halo halo. If you know how cheese would improve the taste of fruit salad, macaroni salad or even garden salad, then it would also be good to know how the cheese gave an improvement to the usual halo halo taste.

I really enjoyed this one and would be coming back for more. Btw, there is a version with Ice Cream but I only ordered the one without.

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