Max’s Restaurant New Dishes for Lent Promo

Max’s Restaurant New Dishes for Lent Promo



Just two weeks after their last event / promo (Valentine’s Treat), Max’s announced that they have something new for us during the Lenten season. It is the time where Catholics (I’m not aware of other religion’s traditions) would avoid eating meat (pork, beef, poultry or any land animal as I’ve heard) so how does one adjust when it’s specialty is fried chicken? Well, Max’s allowed us early access to their Lenten dishes and I’ve excited to share them with you.

Max's Restaurant Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu

Max’s Restaurant Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu – PHP 170
Kangkong with sliced shitake and button mushrooms, stir fried in a slightly sweet adobo sauce, and stuffed in deep-fried blocks of tofu. Served on a hot sizzling plate and sprinkled with fried garlic on top

This was the first one that was served to us. Bigger chunks of Tofu (when compared to their sizzling tofu) with Kang Kong and mushrooms served in a sizzling plate. However, it wasn’t sizzling when it was served to us so I’m not sure if this will be served sizzling or they were just using the plate. Tofu in itself has little to no flavor so you would have to rely on the adobo sauce. I found the sauce a bit too sour for my taste and we agreed that it wasn’t “stuffed” as the name implies. Unless you are a big tofu fan like me, this might not suite your palate.


Max's Restaurant Cauliflower Puffs

Max’s Restaurant Cauliflower Puffs – PHP 160
Crisp cauliflowers are dipped in a special batter, deep-fried and tossed in a special sauce

On first look, you would not know that these contain cauliflower because they just look like your squid balls, shrimp balls, kwekkwek or any other fried balls that you’d like to eat. Even the children there got fooled into eating vegetables when these was served into their plates and they even labeled it  as their favorite among the three. It’s literally just breaded cauliflower but there’s something with their breading tasted that successfully removed the “vegetable” feeling of the cauliflower although I can still detect it as I was chewing on it. A best seller in the making!

Max's Restaurant Sizzling Seafood in Honey Bagoong Sauce

Max’s Restaurant Sizzling Seafood in Honey Bagoong Sauce – PHP 265
Harmony of breaded cream dory, shrimps and squid rings that are deep-fried until light, golden brown, sprinkled with julienned red bell peppers and chopped spring onions, and splashed with a special sauce that brings together sweet honey and piquant bagoong.

Seafood (cream dory, shrimps, and squid rings) with sauce was the last dish to be served to us but definitely not the least. In fact, this dish was cleared from the plate in just a few minutes. I couldn’t describe well the sauce as I’m not used to bagoong but I do taste a hint of sweetness on it.

They told us that if these dishes sell well, they will absorb them into their regular menu and I really hope they do especially for the cauliflower puffs! Woohoo! This promo will be available from March 1, 2012 till April 30, 2012.

Disclosure: The meal was sponsored by Max’s restaurant via a blogger event.

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  2. I am a big tofu and kangkong fan so I’ll definitely order the adobong kangkong and the cauliflauwer puff looks good too.

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