Mazza Shawarma at Mckinley Hill

Mazza Shawarma at Mckinley Hill

Mazza Shawarma Beef Shawarma Rice

Mazza Shawarma is one of my go to places at Mckinley hill thanks to their Grilled Pita with Garlic-Curry Dip. I usually order one to go and enjoy munching on it while at work. My only problem with it is that the dip would run out before I finish all the pitas.

We have also experienced dining in here and I’d like to share with you what we usually order.

Mazza Shawarma Grilled Pita with Garlic-Curry Dip

Mazza Shawarma Grilled Pita with Garlic-Curry Dip – PHP 90
Sliced pita bread; grilled then served with garlic curry dip.

16 pizza-like slices of pita with a dip! This was what I was talking about at the start of the post. The pita itself tastes bland but that changes once you dip; a mixture of garlic and curry (not spicy) flavors will entice your taste buds. A few seconds later; you will be dipping it again.

Mazza Shawarma Chicken and Beef Kebab Sticks

Mazza Shawarma Chicken and Beef Kebab Sticks – PHP 50 (beef)/ 45(chicken)

Out of curiosity; we also ordered their kebab sticks. They have a strong smell and strong flavor that screams; eat me with rice please.

Mazza Shawarma Beef Keema Meal

Mazza Shawarma Beef Keema Meal – PHP 110
Ground beef marinated in tomatoes and spices. Served with buttered rice, cucumber, onions and tomatoes.

This would be used to be my favorite dish at Mazza Shawarma. I love ground beef and their version was also very nice! Ground beef with a Mediterranean twist!

I would also like to note that their buttered rice is actually a cup of rice topped with a slice of butter.

Mazza Shawarma Beef Shawarma Rice

Mazza Shawarma Beef Shawarma Rice – PHP 100
Sliced sirloin served on a bowl of rice with cucumber, onions and tomatoes.

I haven’t tried yet their shawarma in a pita bread but this dish already gave me a preview on what to expect. The beef was cut into mini cubes and if you have tried other shawarma places; you would notice that they are bigger than your average beef shawarma slice. This gave it a more chewy feel that you may or may not like. In terms of flavor; I find it lacking as compared to the beef keema.

With a change of heart, this became my favorite at Mazza. I’m glad I tried it again and it changed my mind instantly.

Mazza Chicken Shawarma Pizza

Mazza Chicken Shawarma Pizza – PHP 195
11 inch thin crust pizza topped with our special pizza sauce, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and cabbages.

We were surprised that they also have pizza so we ordered it; again to satisfy our curiosity. It was literally thin crust because the crust was thinner than their pita bread and every bite gives you a crunch. This allows for full pizza flavor appreciation although I couldn’t recognize the chicken from the richness of the sauces they used. It may look good for sharing but actually 1-2 persons can finish this as each slice is very light on the tummy.

My next target would be to try out their other dishes such as the grilled chicken (as I noticed a few tables served) and ox brain (curiosity).

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Mazza Shawarma
McKinley Hill
Woodbridge Bldg, Park Ave
McKinley Hill, Taguig
(02) 569-3343

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