McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Fried Recipe Mix

McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Fried Recipe Mix

McCormick Korean Fried Chicken - Soy Garlic Flavor

Years ago, we got invaded by Koreans through their Korean Dramas and there was a time that I got hooked. We were invaded through their food (yum! samgyupsal and galbi jjim), and very recently the arrival of the double fried chicken everyone has been raving about. Now, McCormick has joined the invasion and they bring us their latest creation; McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mix. This would allow us cook our very own fried chicken, Korean style, at the comforts of our own kitchen.

McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mix

It goes with 4 different flavors namely (1) Soy Garlic, (2) Bulgogi, (3) Kimchi and (4) Spicy. Soy Garlic would be the most familiar one if you have tried eating the any double-fried chicken places. Bulgogi reminds me of barbeque with its hint of sweetness. Kimchi wasn’t too spicy but it was flavorful. Now, spicy means spicy and it’s not something to be underestimated unless you have a glass of water besides you.

To give us a hands-on experience on this, McCormick invited bloggers to try and cook their own version of Korean fried chicken. It was held at the Cookery Place and we were grouped into 3 bloggers per team as we tried to cook fried chicken.

Each pack contains two sachets; (1) Batter Mix and the (2) Sauce. The batter mix would be used to coat the chicken before frying and the sauce would be used to coat the chicken after you fry. Optional step would be to fry it again to get that double fried experience. There are four steps to creating your own Korean Fried Chicken.

  1. Open pack 1. Dilute batter mix in 1/4 cup (60ml) water
  2. Coat 1/2 kilo of chicken and deep fry
  3. Place newly fried chicken in a container. Open pack 2 and pour sauce directly.
  4. Seal the lid and Shake!

So we tried and we were able to make our own Korean Fried Chicken thanks to McCormick’s Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mix. It was a fun experience and I’d like to thank McCormick and the Cookery for this experience.

Suggested Retail Price for one pack is PHP 38.85.

Disclosure: McCormick paid for our meal.

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