Melo’s Dinner

Melo’s Dinner

Melo’s Wagyu Cowboy Cut

We were in Burgos Circle looking for a place to eat after my sister claimed her gift certificate at Bubble Tea. We spotted Melo’s and although we knew it was a very expensive place for steak, we decided to eat there to try it out (just once). Glancing at the menu, you would instantly know why they are expensive. It is because they sell their steak per ounce and an ounce would cost PHP140+ up!

Melo's Steak Cart Cut Melo's Steak Cart Weigh

For example, if you were to order their Certified Angus Beef Rib Eye, it costs PHP165 an ounce and the minimum per order is 8 ounces. Among their different cuts, only the Rib-eye would be cut in front of you where they will bring a steak cart, slice a portion and weigh it. You can then ask for the fat to be removed so that the weight will be reduced. The other cuts (eg. tenderloin, t-bone, porterhouse) were already pre-cut so you would be paying for it’s current weight with bone and fat.

Melo’s have two kinds of steak: Certified Angus Beef (US) and Wagyu (Australia/Japan). In general, Wagyu costs more than Angus Beef. We also learned that the quality of steaks are based on the marbling and they are graded on the amount of marbling they have. Marbling is a term used to describe the white streaks you would see in the beef, the more the higher quality it has.

Here’s what we ordered.

Melo's Soup


All orders includes soup as the appetizer.

Melo's Garden Salad

Garden Salad

The burger includes a garden salad.

Melo's Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon – PHP 480

It looked raw so I passed on this one.

Melo's Certified Angus Beef Burger

Certified Angus Beef Burger – 75/ounce = PHP 600

The burger patty was big and delicious.

Melo's Angus Beef Rib Eye Melo's Angus Beef Rib Eye

Certified Angus Beef Ribeye  – 165/ounce = PHP 1369.50

It wasn’t as juicy as expected but good none the less

Melo's Wagyu Cowboy Cut


Wagyu Beef Cowboy Cut  – 175/ounce = PHP 2413.25

The cowboy cut is just Rib-eye with bone. Aside from being the most expensive one, we agreed unanimously that this better than Angus beef. I had it cooked medium and it was juicy and tender. Very yummy! Steak Heaven!

So that’s our pricey steak dinner which we enjoyed at Melo’s. They sure do know their steaks. I learned a lot about steaks and it feels like a new steak world has been opened for me. However, due to the price, dining here would be more of a reward or a celebration instead of something oh-let’s-dine-here-because-I-feel-like-dining-here casual way.

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Melo’s, Burgos Circle
Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 403-5968

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22 thoughts on “Melo’s Dinner

  1. Hello! Checking my blogroll friends. Merry Merry Christmas po, napadaan lang ako.

  2. It looks awesome. I like that! I hope I can visit and order it one for me.

  3. Medyo mahal nga, pero mukhang masarap sha, mas lalo na yung angus beef (drooling) 0_o

  4. i love steak and this is a heaven place for me. i saw melo’s discount voucher before but i did not buy it, but because of your post, i’m praying that there will be melo’s discount voucher again.

    i’ve read some reviews and melo’s steak is always #1 but the price is very steep.

    • I think I saw that voucher too. It was 50% off and it was one of my regrets. It would have been a big help to the bill.

  5. Oh this one is a bit costly…maybe because it’s fine dining and it’s worth it! :)

  6. when our family plans to pig out for a real treat of steak we go Melo’s or Outback. it has been a while now since we last ate at Melo’s. I love the rib eye well done, my sons order for porter house meformal dium rare and so with my hubby :) i look forward to formal dine again there :)

    • Oh, outback! Are they also comparable to Melo’s, in terms of price and taste? I suggest you try it on Medium so that the juiciness is not lost. :D

  7. Too bad you didn’t try the salmon salad! Looked so good! I love raw salmon! hhaha BUT, the steaks look better! What a great way to splurge! Seriously!

  8. :/ with the price. Geez! Well, if you have money, a lot of it, you would really have to visit Melo. I kinda get hungry seeing those photos.

  9. I’ve heard so much about Melo’s. I’ll be sure to check them out soon. I don;t eat meat, it’s a good thing they have salmon. Yummy!

  10. wow the price jejeje pero mukhang sulit naman,,, Angus beef is angus beef” luv reading dis yummy post:)

    • yes, i would say it especially to the Wagyu. For the angus beer, I didn’t feel that it’s that “sulit” :)

  11. I love the way you provided the review and the information! Now we know how much our pockets has to spare before going in there

So what can you say? :)