Mendokoro Ramenba

Mendokoro Ramenba

Mendokoro Ramenba

The Ramen Bar

Mendokoro Ramenba, at Makati and from the owners of Ramen Yushoken, provides a different ramen experience in terms of the ambiance and dining experience.

As the name connotes, all customers will be seated in a bar where your bartenders (chefs) prepares your own in front of you. But before you can sit, you need to order first at the cashier. Here’s a mini guide to eating at Mendokoro.

  1. Order and pay at the cashier
  2. You will receive an order slip and someone will usher you to a vacant seat
  3. Give your order slip to the chef and wait for your meal
  4. Eat happily
  5. Leave with a smile

As long as you are still seated, you can make more orders such as gyoza, tamago, cha-shu or even another order of ramen. It is not explicitly stated but you won’t be allowed to stay and chit chat after your meal since they only have limited seating places.

They offer three types of ramen; Tonkotsu Ramen (with different soup bases), Tsukumen and Hiyashi Chuka (cold Ramen)

Here’s what we had that night.

Mendokoro Ramenba Gyoza

Mendokoro Ramenba Gyoza – PHP 170

Gyoza has always been my appetizer when I eat ramen. I loved their gyoza as it was surprisingly juicy on the inside (e.g. xiao long bao gyoza version? ). Even our Baby Rhyme enjoyed eating the gyoza filling which made me had my fill of gyoza wrappers. No complaints there as long as he eats and since even just their gyoza wrappers were delicious! We finished two orders!

Mendokoro Ramenba Shio Ramen

Mendokoro Ramenba Shio Ramen – PHP 360

I initially thought that only the broth / soup base was different in Mendokoro’s ramen trio of Shio, Shoyu and Miso but it shows that there’s slight differences in the ingredients too. Miso had an obvious spicy kick to it while Shoyu had black garlic oil. As for the cha-shu; it had a rectangular shape and looking at the fat to meat ratio, I would say that they were pork belly slices. Lucky you if you get a slice that had a lot of lean meat since I wasn’t that lucky.

Mendokoro Ramenba Shoyu Ramen

Mendokoro Ramenba Shoyu Ramen – PHP 390

What can you expect from Tonkotsu Ramen? I usually expect a milky and creamy soup. I enjoyed the broth of shoyu as it was rich and creamy. Shio was lighter in taste while miso, hmm, it was a different miso taste (as I’m used to having butter in my miso ramen). As of now, I’m biased to the taste of Shoyu since that was my bowl.

Mendokoro Ramenba Miso Ramen

Mendokoro Ramenba Miso Ramen – PHP 440

Mendokoro Ramenba follows a first come first serve rule so there’s no reservations and, there’s no take-out option available (even if it was your order that you didn’t finish).

Overall, it was a great experience! You go in there, you get your ramen fix and you leave happy. No more , no less!

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Mendokoro Ramenba
Salcedo Village
V Corporate Center, Soliman St
Salcedo Village, Makati
(02) 215-1751

So what can you say? :)