Min Sok Restaurant Lunch

Min Sok Restaurant Lunch

I was tasked to decide on where to eat lunch and I thought of bringing us to a Korean Restaurant in Makati. But where? Initially, I thought of Bi Won but I don’t think they have a branch in Makati so I did some research. I managed to list the following restaurants and picked Min Sok.

  • Ara Restaurant
  • Min Sok Korean Restaurant
  • Manna Korea Garden
  • Dong Won Korean Restaurant

Min Sook is not that hard to find if you are on the correct lane but unfortunately for us, we were not so we had to take a tour of Rockwell before we can reach Min Sok. Across the street, you will see another korean restaurant called Manna Korea Garden. Enough about that, let’s move on to the food .

Our first order would be the grilled meat where you will wrap it in lettuce or cabbage then devour it in one bite. The owner was kind enough to show us a demo and she literally fed to me the sangchu ssam she created.

The procedure was…

  1. Get a piece of meat from the electric grill and dip it in oil.
  2. Bend the end of the lettuce/cabbage and place the meat on the valley created by the bend.
  3. Add the sauce (ssamjang), garlic or onions, and chili
  4. Wrap them all in a circle
  5. Devour in one swift motion

Grilled Meat

Min Sok Samgyupsal

Min Sok Samgyupsal (pork belly meat; similar to bacon) – PHP 300

Min Sok Short Ribs

Min Sok Short Ribs (beef galbi) – PHP 490

Min Sok Short Ribs Samgyupsal Deungsim

Min Sok Short Ribs Samgyupsal Deungsim – PHP 460

Other Dishes

Min Sok Seafood Jeon

Min Sok Seafood Jeon – PHP 250

This was their squid omelet and they sliced it into 8 pizza slices. The squid was flavorful even without using the sauce.

Min Sok Grilled Mackerel

Min Sok Grilled Mackerel (Godeungeo gui)

Min Sok Ginseng Chicken

Min Sok Ginseng Chicken (Samgyetang) – PHP 600+

The dish is very familiar. It tastes like congee or Arroz Caldo with chicken. The chicken has been boiled to the point where you can chew on the bones easily. It was expensive though.

Side Dishes

Min Sok Side Dishes

Min Sok Side Dishes

Here were some of the side dishes. I wasn’t able to capture all but see the amount of kimchi in the pic.

This was the 2nd Korean restaurant I have eaten in and the experience was similar; very satisfied. The prices might be steep when you will browse the menu but their grilled dishes were meant for sharing and it’s a good experience to try once in a while. Can’t wait to try out the other Korean Restaurants located at Makati.

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Min sok Restaurant, Poblacion
5655 Don Pedro St., Poblacion
Makati City, Metro Manila

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18 thoughts on “Min Sok Restaurant Lunch

  1. It seems there are Korean restaurants aplenty everywhere, you just have to pick the one with the most Koreans eating.

    • Yes, similar to picking a Japanese Restaurant, choose where the real ones go because that would be the authentic one. In our case, we were the only Non-koreans eating at that time :)

  2. I know korean food is very healthy and want to learn what and how to ,eat korean food! The only korean food i tried was the korean bbq everything else i have no idea. =)

    • Korean food is also spicy :) Their grilled food is a nice start as it is a new experience. I would also suggest their bibimbap where you just mix everything (vegies, egg, rice and chicken/pork/beef).

  3. I haven’t tried eating in a Korean restaurant yet, but I’d definitely get different meats for grilling. The pork belly and short ribs look so enticing! :)

  4. Haven’t tried dining in a Korean restaurant. I get intimidated with their names and how you prepare them.

    • Yes, their names are not easy to say (compared to Japanese or Chinese) but give it a chance. In twice I have eaten in authentic Korean Restaurants, the Korean owner was very hospitable and attentive. In our first experience, the Korean manager was even the one who taught us how to grill our food (he did the grilling) and in our second experience (this post), the owner taught us how to eat their food properly as she noticed we looked clueless. (lol I speak a lot).

  5. me too, I haven’t tried eating in Korean Restaurant but I’ve tried eating Koren foods.And in Baguio there are lots of Korean Restaurants too.

  6. I’ll go for that grilled bacon anytime even if it’s called a different name :) (Samgyupsal)

  7. We’re also in the lookout for Korean restaurants to visit. So far, we’ve had Thai, Japanese, Chinese (of course), and a little of Vietnamese cuisine, but not yet authentic Korean dishes.

    Though all these dishes sound delicious, they’re too pricey for me. But, for each order, it’s usually good for how many people?

    • Hmm 2-3 persons can eat per order. I forgot to mention in my post that the pictures of the meat were just 1/2 of their serving because we divided it into two grills since we were 7. :)

  8. The food looks delicious. My sis would probably want to try it out there. She’s a korean fan!

    • i don’t know why but this is the second time your comment got flagged for spam :) ehhe
      yes, do let her try and there’s also a lot of Korean resto’s in Malate right>

  9. I dont know about Korean cooking, so to be safe, we only go to places with more Korean’s dining in the place. But thanks for the share., will keep this in mind esp if we’re in the area. :)

  10. […] meat). It usually comes with lettuce, garlic slices and a spicy pepper paste (I wrote about the procedure in my Min Sok post). It’s a unique experience and something that you should try when eating Korean […]

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