Mini Brazo De Mercedes by Parvati Dessert Shop

Mini Brazo De Mercedes by Parvati Dessert Shop

Parvati Dessert Shop

When my sister and her husband arrived here in Iloilo, they brought with them something from Parvati. It was the first time I have heard of that shop but after what I have tasted, certainly it won’t be the last time. They brought with them one of my all time favorites, Brazo De Mercedes.

Parvati Mini Brazo De Mercedes

I usually get my brazo fix at Goldilocks or Red Ribbon but since they only offer a big roll, I’m forced to share (hehe) or finish it all up by myself. If I pick the 2nd option, I would get sick due to sore throat so usually it is the first option. However, the one from Parvati was different because they came in small bite-size sizes. Ain’t that very nice?

Parvati Mini Brazo De Mercedes Piece

Each piece looks exactly the same and you will get a good ratio of white meringue and the custard filling. In this way, you won’t be able to steal the custard filling as what I usually do in the roll version. The taste was very good! The white meringue wasn’t too soft but it was just right and the custard filling wasn’t that much to overpower the taste and hurt my throat.

Blogging about this is making me crave for it once again! I’d definitely go to Trinoma just to buy these.

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Parvati Dessert Shop, Trinoma
Mindanao Lobby, Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 901-1428

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