Mitsuyado Seimen – What is Tsukemen?

Mitsuyado Seimen – What is Tsukemen?

Mitsuyado Seimen

With my parents getting addicted to ramen, I was tasked to find us a ramen place to eat which was relatively near and I stumbled upon Mitsuyado Sei-men. Aside from serving ramen, they also serve tsukemen; which at that time I had no idea what it was.

It was raining hard when we got there and the streets were dark. However, the ambiance suddenly changed when we entered Mitsuyado Sei-men as everything was very bright! It was as if we were transported to the streets of Japan in daytime. It doesn’t look like a restaurant at all but more of dining in the streets of japan; lots of food stalls and even a noodle cart (where you can sit and eat there if you like).

Two thumbs up for the ambiance! 

Moving on with the food…

Mitsuyado Seimen Gyoza

Mitsuyado Sei-men Gyoza – PHP 180

Supposedly our appetizer but since it arrived late (where I was already struggling to finish my noodles), I was able to fully appreciate how it tasted. This calls for a rematch and hope that it comes first next time.

Mitsuyado Seimen Gyudon

Mitsuyado Sei-men Gyudon – PHP 230

Niku niku! One of my favorite Japanese dishes and in fact, my default one when I can’t think of anything to order. Mitsuyado’s version of the gyudon has a lot of thinly sliced beef topped with gari (baby ginger). Nothing special about it though.

Mitsuyado Seimen Chicken Teriyaki Don


Mitsuyado Sei-men Chicken Teriyaki Don – PHP 260

Color? check! Tenderness? check! Sweetness? check! Grilled Feeling? check! Crunchy Skin at the Edges? check! It passes all the checks I have for a good Chicken Teriyaki dish! I wished this was my order but I mustn’t falter from my quest, “to try out the tsukemen“.

Mitsuyado Sei-men Charsiu Ramen

Mitsuyado Sei-men Charsiu Ramen (Reg – PHP 380 / Large – PHP 420)
the post wasn’t complete without an order of ramen so.. Honestly, I only got a few sips from the broth and a tiny piece of Charsiu and noodles but it was enough for my chinky eyes to lit up and saw, mmmmmm very porky rich soup! It wasn’t your ordinary sho or shoyo soup but you can actually taste the charsui in the soup! It reminded me of the Hakata Classic Ramen from Kokoro Ramenya (which I really liked as well).

Mitsuyado Seimen Double Cheese Tsukemen


Mitsuyado Sei-men Double Cheese Tsukemen (Reg – PHP 350 / Large – PHP 390)

Here it is! I was hungry so I ordered large “double-cheese tsukemen” (A decision I would later suffer from). It is called double cheese because aside from the gooey chiz-wiz like cheese sauce on the side, the noodles have already been sprinkled with parmesan cheese. In every order, you would be getting a bowl of soup where you are supposed to dip your noodles. The soup had slices of meat and naruto on it so it ain’t boring.

Mitsuyado Seimen Double Cheese Tsukemen Parts


Here’s a close up of the parts of the Tsukemen.

So the very first question that came into mind is what do I do with it?

  1. Pour the cheesy sauce into the noodle
  2. Pick it up with your chopsticks
  3. Dunk it on the bowl of soup
  4. Deliver it inside your mouth
  5. Repeat from Step 2.

This noodle dish is really meant to be eaten together. If I would just eat the noodle and the cheese, I would find the noodle too cold for me and I would get bored from the cheese taste. If I would just sip on the soup; I would find it too strong that the thought of it now makes me cringe. However, if you do the dipping as it was meant to be, you would achieve a harmonious balance of flavors. The coldness would be gone; the cheesiness would be lessened; the strong soup taste would be minimized and all you get is a flavorful (and messy) noodle.

I observed the other people eating this dish and I noticed several ways of eating it. It was a challenge to pick up the noodle with chopsticks as they would easily slide from my grip and I end up letting go of the noodles into the bowl. Some would cut the noodle up, placed it on a spoon and dip it. I also saw others eating them separately but I do not recommend it (see previous paragraph).

Also, I have to add that I loved their noodles! It was chewy, bouncy and seemed like it had a life on its own where it tried its best to break free from my chopsticks. But I learned to appreciate it more once I have caught it and started chewing on it.

Overall, it was a nice dinner at Mitsuyado Sei-men. I enjoyed the ambiance and the food. I can’t wait to be back to try more Tsukemen and their other ramen dishes.

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Mitsuyado Sei-Men
22 Jupiter St
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 511-1390


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