Morganfield’s Opens at BGC Uptown Place

Morganfield’s Opens at BGC Uptown Place


Morganfield’s – Sticky Bones

Straight from Malaysia, a new go-to ribs place has arrived at BGC’s Uptown Place. Welcome Morganfields aka “Sticky Bones!“.

With a name that sounds like an alien/horror movie, Morganfield’s is a Malaysian restaurant that has started expanding on neighboring Asian countries and they have set their sights on the Philippines. They have literally opened Uptown Place Mall for their operations (since most of the mall is still closed to construction).

Morganfields claims to have the “best ribs in town” and “biggest and juicest pork ribs in town“. I can immediately vouch for “biggest” when they started showing their full slabs as they were as big as a short bond paper! As for the best and juiciest, let our eyes and taste buds be the judge.


Morganfields Sesame Shrimp Salad

Morganfields Sesame Shrimp Salad – PHP 395

We started our meal with a non pork dish loaded with green apples, shrimp, and oranges with sesame dressing. You are supposed to pour the sesame dressing but I was dipping it instead. As long as there’s other ingredients aside from greens in a salad; I’m pretty much satisfied to eat it (including the greens of course).

Morganfields's Pork Sausage Platter

Morganfields’s Pork Sausage Platter – PHP 465

The sausage platter came up next and they were juicy! There were four variants namely:

  • Spicy Devil – the backstabbing dog ! It allowed me to enjoy the juiciness first then ignited my throat.
  • Herby Hog – the diet dog. Not really my type; if I want to diet then I’ll eat salad instead.
  • Cheesey Cheese – the cheesy dog. The flavor was neutralized by the cheese; good for cheesedog lovers.
  • Smoky Bandit – the thin dog. This was my favorite and was also the thinnest of all.

Main Dishes (Non Ribs)

Morganfields Tequila Spiked Chicken

Morganfields Tequila Spiked Chicken – PHP 395

Morganfield’s Tequila Spiked Chicken was a juicy roasted chicken that was strong in spices. I didn’t notice nor smell a resemblance to tequila though (not that I’m an expert on it). The lemon is a good addition but not required.

Morganfields Pork Shoulder Chop

Morganfields Pork Shoulder Chop – PHP 550

The pork shoulder chop was a thick slab of pork lathered with mustard cream sauce. Be warned that the pork chop wouldn’t be as effortless to slice especially when it has cooled down (due to taking time to take pictures). It wasn’t an issue for me though as I liked how the sauce was a great match to the chop.

Main Dishes (Ribs)

Morganfields Iberico Baby Back Ribs (Jack Daniels)

Morganfields Iberico Baby Back Ribs (Jack Daniels)

Iberico would be pork language as what wagyu or kobe is to beef language. “Premium” black pig that’s sold only in a few restaurants here in the Philippines.

Morganfields Iberico Baby Back Ribs

Morganfields Iberico Baby Back Ribs

The Iberico baby back ribs comes in two flavors which would be the Jack Daniels (sweet) and the Jim Beam (spicy). Serving size would be smaller than their other rib dishes which is unfortunate because it’s soft and yummy that I found myself licking the sauce off the bone (more on the Jack Daniels version).

Morganfields Sticky Bones Hickory and Garlicky

Morganfields Sticky Bones (Hickory and Garlicky) – PHP 475 per slab

Morganfield’s call their ribs as “Sticky Bones“. It has four variants namely:

  • Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs – the most familiar flavor for ribs
  • Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs – for pepper lovers; spiced
  • Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs – loaded with fried garlic
  • Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Ribs – backstabbing spicy rib!
Morganfields Sticky Bones Spicy Asian and Peppercorn

Morganfields Sticky Bones (Spicy Asian and Peppercorn) – PHP 495 per slab

I found myself drawn to the Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Ribs as my favorite among the four flavors. It had the right amount of sweetness for me to enjoy and a spicy kick at the end to remind me not to get tired of eating it. The meat in the ribs were soft and tender as expected and it was very easy to remove from the bone. Huge ribs. yeah, I have to repeat, huge ribs! It wasn’t the most tender ribs that I have tasted though.


Morganfields Chocolate Brownie

Morganfields Chocolate Brownie – PHP 175

For dessert, we had the Chocolate Brownie which I initially thought as a lava cake. Loved the warm semi moist cake to go with the cool vanilla ice cream. A great way to cleanse the palate from all those meat flavors.

So am I convinced that Morganfield’s is the best ribs in town? That’s something I’m not yet fully convinced on yet (perhaps another visit hehe). They do serve great and huge ribs for you to chow on but the best? It really depends; however I can say that the Jack Daniel’s Iberico Baby Back Ribs and the Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Ribs would be at par with my favorites.

Disclosure: Morganfield’s paid for our meal as part of a Zomato Foodie Meetup. Thank you Zomato! 

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