Mr Liempo’s Roasted Liempo

Mr Liempo’s Roasted Liempo

Mr Liempo Roasted Liempo

Mr Liempo Roasted Liempo – PHP 160

I’d like to share with you a nice discovery if you are into pork belly (liempo). It is a food stall called Mr Liempo and so far I have seen their branches at Levi B Mariano (where I first discovered about them), along Dian Road in Makati and somewhere in Bicutan (forgot the exact place).

They only have two items in their menu; Roasted Liempo (PHP 160) and Roasted Chicken (PHP 189) and so far, I have only tried their Roasted Liempo. They don’t have dine-in; only take out or to go.

Mr Liempo Roasted Liempo

Let me cut to the chase and say that I really enjoyed their liempo. The meat was very delicious and juicy; and the skin was very crispy. I thought it would be hard and rubbery but no, it was crispy like it was fried. Although it comes with a vinegar-like sauce; you don’t really need it as the pork itself was enough. One order can already feed 3-4 persons or one person if you are really hungry!

It just started with one order; one meal… and now, whenever I get liempo cravings and a branch is within sight; I would pull over and exchange my PHP 160 for an order of delicious and flavorful liempo!

In the future, I’ll try out their Roasted Chicken to see if it brings the same joy as their liempo.

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Mr Liempo


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