Mushroom Burger Snack

Mushroom Burger Snack

Mushroom Burger TagaytayOne of the most recommended places to eat in Tagaytay was the healthy burgers at Mushroom Burger so I made sure that we will eat in here. The place looks similar to a school canteen or a food court with mushroom posters all over the walls. I was happy they provide ample parking space for those who brought their vehicles.

Let’s take a look at their burgers. They offer five variants of their mushroom burger.

  • Mushroom Burger Pinoy – the patty is made of pork and mushrooms.
  • Mushroom Burger Regular – the patty is made of beef and mushrooms.
  • Mushroom Burger Sandwich – the patty is made of pure mushrooms.
  • Mushroom Burger Royal – similar to regular burger but with egg
  • Mushroom Burger King – contains two regular burger patties
Mushroom Burger Meal
We were not ready to go fully vegetarian ( so we opted for the burgers that still had meat. Aside from that, we ordered fries and hot soup as a side dish.

Mushroom Burger Fries

Fries – PHP 25

Fries in banana ketchup. Very normal.

Mushroom Burger Egg Soup

Mushroom Burger Mushroom Egg Drop Soup – PHP 25

I initially ordered soup so that we can have something hot to battle the cold and rainy weather in Tagaytay. The soup was very flavorful at every sip and it keeps on reminding me of lomi. The soup had a lot of mushrooms and egg on it. We really enjoyed the soup.

Mushroom Burger Pinoy Style

Mushroom Burger Pinoy with Cheese – PHP 41

It contained the following:

  • Bun
  • Pink Mayo
  • Cheese
  • Patty
  • Bun

Mushroom Burger Regular

Mushroom Burger Regular with cheese – PHP 52

It contained the following;

  • Bun
  • Pink Mayo, Tomato and cucumbers
  • Cheese
  • Patty
  • Bun

It was my first time to eat the mushroom burgers and honestly, I really couldn’t tell the difference. I know that there’s something different in taste between the two burgers and also when you compare it to normal burgers but I can’t really describe what or how are they different. Aside from the failure of my palate to notice the difference, I think it is a good thing because it means that their burgers can rival pure beef burgers in taste.

Note: Jessa told me that she also felt the same when she ate the burgers for the first time. I need to return and eat it again!

It was a light snack but we were satisfied. You can imagine it as your mushroom melt burger (without the bacon).

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Mushroom Burger, Tagaytay
Brgy. Kaybagal along Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 413-1330

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  1. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay says:

    I am a fan of mushroom burgers since there is a branch near us! I can’t also describe what or how are they different. I think they are different from calories because an ordinary burger has higher calories more than the mushroom burger. And mushroom is the main ingredient instead of beef. That’s why it is good for vegetarians and diet conscious people!

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So what can you say? :)