Jollibee 39ers – Beef with Mushroom

My Quick Fix – Jollibee 39ers – Beef with Mushroom

Jollibee 39ers - Beef with Mushroom


Beef with Mushroom has been phased out. It has been replaced with Crispy Pork Steak.

Whenever I go to Jollibee (or any fast food chain), I usually look for their super cheap value meals that has rice because I want to be satisfied at the lowest price. For Jollibee, this can be done by ordering their Jollibee 39ers.

There are two choices (it used to be a lot but now we only get two):

  • Beef with Mushroom (this is always my choice)
  • 5 pcs. Lumpiang Shanghai
  • Beef Strips (phased out)
  • 1 pc Burger Steak (phased out)

Also before, they add some vegetables to those meals but now, it is gone.

So now, let me discuss my usual budget meal , “Beef with Mushrooms”. This dish is a simple one where you have beef and mushrooms mixed together with fried garlic on the top. Simple meal right? However, for me, this meal is a game of chance ; a game of chance where you are not sure if what you will get will be beef with mushrooms or mushrooms with beef because once in a while (others just have such bad luck), you will get a serving that the mushrooms are already covering the beef (exaggerating here but the ratio of beef to mushroom is so ugly that you will be thinking if  you ordered garlic mushrooms?).

So does that stop me from ordering this? Absolutely not because this is their cheapest rice meal and when I’m hungry, I can eat two orders of Jollibee 39ers in just one meal for only PHP78 (beef with mushrooms + lumpiang shanghai). Now compare the price when ordering a 1pc chickenjoy and you will see what I mean.

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6 thoughts on “Jollibee 39ers – Beef with Mushroom

  1. thats terrible man. phasing out foods. boo. i havent even tried beef strips. and its kinda silly that they took out burger steak of the 39ers menu. not unless they also took out the burger steak meal.

    • I don’t know what was their reason for removing burger steak from 39’ers, I guess it was like a redundant dish for them. On phasing out, it is normal for business… I guess I’m just part of the minority who eat their beef strips and they decided it is not profitable enough :D

  2. josh bation says:

    i really love jollibee <3 :D

  3. beef mushroom was gone :(

So what can you say? :)