NaiCha Milk Tea

NaiCha Milk Tea

NaiCha Banawe

NaiCha is the latest milk tea business that I have heard and tried after I got an invite to the NaiCha Banawe Branch opening.

Now before I talk about their milk teas, let’s start their menu.

NaiCha offers four categories : NaiCha Specials, Novel Tea, Jelly Delights and Toothie Fruity Juice.

NaiCha Menu

NaiCha Menu 1

NaiCha Menu 2

NaiCha Menu 2

We were given samples of the following:

  • Winter Melon NaiCha – the best winter melon NaiChai I have drank so far. It was very creamy and flavorful! I couldn’t resist getting a 2nd serving of it.
  • Green Apple Juice – refreshing!

NaiCha Sago Milk Tea

While I ordered the Sago Milk Tea in which they used sago (or similar to Nago of Quickly) instead of Pearls. Taste-wise, it was very similar to the milk tea I had at Tea Farm.

NaiCha BaoBao

It was a very fun experience at NaiCha and I’m glad that they have a branch in Makati because I want to try out their biggest size, bao-bao which has 32oz of milk tea goodness. I can imagine it now… wintermelon naicha in a bao-bao size.

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Disclosure: The meal was sponsored by Nai Cha via a blogger event.



Store C #690 Antonia Mansion, Banawe St., QC.

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