Nanbantei of Tokyo opens at Alabang Town Center

Nanbantei of Tokyo opens at Alabang Town Center

Nanbantei BestSellers Platter

Nanbantei BestSellers Platter – PHP 995

Nanbantei of Tokyo has brought their yakitori goodness to the people of the south; say hello to their newly opened branch at Alabang Town Center.

It was about two years ago when I first visited Nanbantei of Tokyo at their Bonifacio High Street branch. Since it was our first time, we just ordered randomly and to be honest, I initially underestimated Nanbantei. I was telling myself; these are just a few pieces of meat on sticks so how will we be satisfied?. I was totally wrong as finishing the last few sticks became a mental challenge simply because we were already full.

The Alabang branch of Nanbantei spans two floors with a capacity of around 90 guests. This was a “wish-granted” moment to the requests they have received to open up a south branch. The ambiance doesn’t really differ from their other branches but there are slight differences such as colors, materials and lighting. Overall, it still retains the “aahh I’m at Nanbantei of Tokyo” vibe.

Yakitori and their Food

Yakitori means grilled (yaki) chicken (tori). That’s not all in the menu because Nanbantei offers other grilled items such beef, pork, seafood and vegetables. But if grilled isn’t to your liking then they also offer sushi, sashimi, tempura, karaage and other Japanese dishes.

Previously, we just ordered whatever we saw from the menu. But for those undecided, they have combination platters. Such as our experience with the platter called “best seller”.

Nanbantei BestSellers Platter

Nanbantei BestSellers Platter (1/2)

Nanbantei BestSellers Platter

Nanbantei BestSellers Platter (2/2)

The best sellers platter has the following (21 sticks):

  • [1] Aspara Maki – Asparagus wrapped with pork
  • [1] Tebasaki – Chicken Wings
  • [2] Pork Garlic Yaki – Pork with Garlic Flavor
  • [2] Shiso Maki – Pork with Shiso leaf
  • [1] Negima – Combination of Chicken Meat and Leeks
  • [2] Corn – Corn :)
  • [1] Poteto Maki – Sweet Potato wrapped in bacon

My personal favorites would be the Shiso Maki (like pork sausage wrapped with shiso; it was juicy!) and Poteto Maki (the sweetness of potato went well with bacon).


Aburi style refers to nigiri sushi where the fish is partially grilled (topside) and partially raw.

We also had two of their latest offerings called Aburi Shrimp and Salmon. When I heard about “Japanese mayo” I got totally excited that I forgot that I would be eating raw food.

Nanbantei Aburi Salmon

Nanbantei Aburi Salmon – PHP 75

Nanbantei Aburi Shrimp

Nanbantei Aburi Shrimp – PHP 75

To my surprise, both dishes didn’t felt raw to me. They were both delicious, easy to chew, oozing with cheese and should be ordered repeatedly! These two dishes are part of the Great Flavors Selection menu and it also includes new yakitoris such as Nankotsu (grilled chicken soft bone and chicken meat), Muru (Chilean mussels) and Momoniku (chicken meat with garlic gloves). Wafu Salad and Black Sesame Ice Cream are also part of this selection.

Nanbantei Green Tea Ice Cream

Nanbantei Green Tea Ice Cream – PHP 100

Lastly, we had their match ice cream to finish our meal. It was really heavy on the match flavor and not much a hint of sweetness.

We didn’t get to taste all of their Great Flavors Selection but there’s always a next time. Once again; it was overwhelming but I learned my lesson so I didn’t underestimate them anymore. Congratulations to Nanbantei of Tokyo for their third branch! Hoping for a replication of their success just like in Serendra and Greenbelt!

Disclosure: Nanbantei paid for our meals

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Nanbantei of Tokyo

Corte dela Palmas, Alabang Town Center

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