Nanbantei of Tokyo – Learning about Yakitori

Nanbantei of Tokyo – Learning about Yakitori

Nanbantei of Tokyo Beef Yakiniiku

Nanbantei of Tokyo Beef Yakiniiku – PHP 180
Grilled thin slices of beef


Writing about food has been a wonderful experience for me! Aside from getting my tummy filled (I can’t talk about what I didn’t eat); I also learn more about difference cuisines.

For example; when you say Japanese Cuisine; what comes into mind would be sushi/sashimi, ramen, and katsu. However, recently I learned about another one which would be Yakitori during our visit to Nanbantei of Tokyo. Nanbantei of Tokyo is a restaurant that specializes in Yakitori (skewered food). They also offer other Japanese dishes to add to your meal.

Browsing through their menu reminds me of our own street BBQ stalls where we would just point at what we want and they would cook it. Most of the orders have two sticks each (unless specified when you check out their menu) but you can’t mix and match. They also offer combinations for those who have a hard time choosing.We didn’t opt for the combination platters as we didn’t want some of the items included in those platters (e.g. corn in a stick).

With that, allow me to present to you our lunch for that day! I have split this into two; non-yakitori items and yakitori items.

Non-Yakitori Items

Nanbantei of Tokyo Namayasai Sticks

Namayasai Sticks – PHP 75
Fresh Vegetable Sticks

We got a complimentary appetizer which would be veggie sticks that you can dip in their soy miso paste. This was a good way to start our meal.

Nanbantei of Tokyo Shake (Salmon Sashimi)

Shake – PHP 220
Salmon Sashimi

Nanbantei of Tokyo Ebi Tempura

Ebi Tempura – PHP 350
Shrimp Tempura

You shouldn’t miss this one as it is a great deal for its price. The breading wasn’t thick so I enjoyed eating it without the need to remove the breading.

Nanbantei of Tokyo Yakimeshi

Yakimeshi – PHP 110
Japanese Fried Rice

Nanbantei of Tokyo Miso Shiru

Miso Shiru – PHP 85
Miso Soup

Yakitori Items

Nanbantei of Tokyo Baby Squid

Baby Squid – PHP 105
Grilled Baby Squid

Nanbantei of Tokyo Beef Yakiniku

Beef Yakiniku – PHP 180
Grilled thin slices of beef

Nanbantei of Tokyo Enoki Maki

Enoki Maki – PHP 140
Enoki mushroom wrapped with pork

Nanbantei of Tokyo Namajake Sumi Yaki

Namajake Sumi Yaki – PHP 300
Grilled salmon with rolled bacon

Nanbantei of Tokyo Negima

Negima – PHP 110
Combination of chicken meat and leeks

Nanbantei of Tokyo Pork Garlic Yaki

Pork Garlic Yaki – PHP 130
Pork with Garlic Flavor

My favorite would be the pork garlic yaki and the enoki maki (I know; I’m biased to pork). Initially I thought that it was easy to finish all of these and we would need to order more. However, I was mistaken because at the end we were pointing at each other on who will finish the rest. Fortunately, I was the only one who still had enough capacity to squeeze in the last sticks.

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Nanbantei of Tokyo
Bonifacio High Street Central
Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 621-3224

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