New Jollibee Super Meals

New Jollibee Super Meals

Jollibee Super Meals B - Complete

Just in time for Christmas Season, Jollibee launches (or relaunches?) their Super Meals. 

I remember having ordered a Jollibee Super Meal a few years before and was surprised that it was phased out. I enjoyed having it because it was very filling (similar to how I feel when eating KFC’s Fully Loaded Meals). I didn’t have to make two separate orders because that one meal has all I need.. but it was gone… However, the good news is… here it is again!

The Jollibee Super Meals comes in three variants where two are rice meals while one is for “snacks”. Oh yeah, the pics (not from me) doesn’t show the Sundae but it should be there. 

Jollibee Super Meals A

The Chickenjoy Super Meal comes with 1-piece Chickenjoy with rice, 3 pieces Shanghai rolls, half-portion of Jolly Spaghetti, regular drink and mini sundae for only P135.

Jollibee Super Meals B

Enjoy the taste of forever in the 1-pc. Burger Steak with rice together with a half-portion of everyone’s favorite Jolly Spaghetti, as well as 3 pieces Shanghai rolls, regular drink and mini sundae in the Burger Steak Super Meal for only P125.

Jollibee Super Meals C

A complete and filling snack is guaranteed in the Yum Super Meal that comes with the langhap-sarap Yum Burger and regular fries, half-portion of Jolly Spaghetti, regular drink and mini sundae for only P115.

My personal choice would be the Chickenjoy Super Meal as it is the combination I usually order without the Sundae and Shanghai. For Sundae, it is the Reese Mix-ins or no Sundae for me and for Shanghai, well, it is optional as I don’t really crave for it. So that leaves me with chicken, spaghetti and rice where previously I would order 1pc Chicken Joy then Spaghetti; or Chicken Joy with Spaghetti then one extra rice.

I hope these items stay for good and will not just be a limited time offer (although that’s the info I got).

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PS: I haven’t personally tried them yet as there’s no near Jollibee store near the office… Maybe soon!


So what can you say? :)