Noodles Everyday

Noodles Everyday

Noodles Everyday Braised Beef Ramen

There’s a new place near my home where I go to get my noodles fix and it’s called Noodles Everyday. It is the first franchise from the original one located at Binondo. This post will be about my third visit to Noodles Everyday. Our first visit was accidental as we were looking for a place to eat late at night. The second one was a solo meal for me and the third one was the time that I decided to blog about it.

Noodles everyday specializes in noodles and they serve two kinds: in soup or tossed. Tossed is like rice toppings except it is noodles instead of rice. It is dry when served; but you have a small bowl of soup on the side but I’m not sure if they were meant to be mixed. Also, they have two kinds of noodles; hand-pulled and shredded. They also serve rice meals and side orders to go with your noodles.

Here comes the food :

Noodles Everyday Boiled Shanghai Dumplings

Noodles Everyday Boiled Shanghai Dumplings – PHP 98

Part of our appetizer yet it arrived late on our table. The only way to enjoy this is to dip it into the sauce. Without the sauce, it tastes bland.

Noodles Everyday Beef Kenchi Cold Cuts

Noodles Everyday Beef Kenchi Cold Cuts – PHP 118

Been seeing this being ordered by other people so I got curious. Tender beef with a slight spicy taste that’s fun to chew except that it is cold. I dipped it into my noodles to reduce the coldness.

Noodles Everyday Seafood Ramen

Noodles Everyday Seafood Ramen – PHP 158

Squid balls, fish balls and seafood balls in this noodle dish.

Noodles Everyday Special Ramen

Noodles Everyday Special Ramen – PHP 158

Their most special noodles or let’s just say, everything on it.

Noodles Everyday Braised Beef Ramen (2)


Noodles Everyday Braised Beef Ramen – PHP 118

My personal favorite. Generous servings of tender beef with vegies in a delicious beefy broth. I do add a few drops of chili oil to give it a kick but it is good on its own. One bowl can already fill me up!

Noodles everyday has become one of my to-go noodle places. It’s affordable, delicious and very filling. Also, the free iced tea for every order is a great freebie!

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Noodles Everyday

Unit 2 Ground Floor AGS Plaza, 5562 Washington St., Brgy Pio del Pilar, Makati
(in between Sen. Gil Puyat Ave & Dela Rosa St.)
Tel No.: (02) 566-7038
Mobile No.: (0932) 785-2001

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4 thoughts on “Noodles Everyday

  1. The prices are not bad. Almost as cheap as Binondo. :)

  2. Delicious and affordable foods..Nice!

  3. My Husband loves Noodles! and this is just near our work place.. I know the location but i haven’t notice the store. Looks delicious and affordable and i think my hubby will love the Braised Beef Ramen .

  4. Rhea Juaton says:

    I super love eating noodles, yeah all kinds of noodles. <3 I wanna try their Ramen.. 'coz its really famous. I wanna know if their Ramen is one of the best :)

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