Nuel Bolm

Nuel Bolm

Nuel Bolm Lettuce

A Korean restaurant in an isolated place. However, their comfort food makes it worth a visit (eg after visiting Sky Ranch).

After we have settled down our belongings at Taal Vista Hotel (another post soon); we went out to find a place to eat. Our first plan was to eat at Mushroom Burger however since I wasn’t able to load waze before going out; we realized that we went to the opposite direction on where Mushroom Burger was. We made a U-turn and decided instead to eat by Nuel Bolm after passing it a few minutes earlier.

Nuel Bolm offers the common Korean Cuisine that you would usually find in their menus; personal favorites would be the samgyupsal, galbi jjim (ohhh beef stew), jap chae, bulgogi and their ramyun (ramen). One item that caught my eye would be the Ssambap. It is like the upgraded Samgyupsal where you get more vegetables apart from the usual lettuce to wrap your meat in. Too bad that they need a minimum of two orders (which we won’t be able to finish) to try this out.

So here’s our lunch !

Nuel Bolm Japchae

Nuel Bolm Japchae – PHP 280

A classic Korean noodle dish. It had a sweet taste and they were very generous on the meat and veggie toppings. It was very filling and I’m happy to say that this is one of the best jap chae that I have tried.

Nuel Bolm Cha Dul Begi

Nuel Bolm Cha Dul Begi – PHP 380

Instead of the usual pork slices, we opted for beef. It had less fat but it became rubbery as time passed by. Either you eat it as soon as it turns brown or remove it from the grill. Loved wrapping the meat in lettuce and eating it in one bite.

Nuel Bolm Bulgogi Dubbap

Nuel Bolm Bulgogi Dubbap – PHP 280

A mix of rice, meat and veggies in a hot-pot. This would always remind me of the Korean Telenovelas that I used to watch. Aside from being spicy, it was also hot and you got two choices; cram more spoonfuls or rush to their complimentary cold tea to douse the heat.

Initially we thought that we would need to order more but we were wrong; minutes later, we were already having a hard time finishing the jap chae. It had too many toppings that it became very filling (a very nice problem to have).

Lastly, we had our fill of Korean Ice Cream (sorry no pics) to cap off our lunch!

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Nuel Bolm

Aguinaldo Highway Corner Ipil Street
Tagaytay City

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