Ocean’s Harvest: Marriott Hotel Manila Buffet

Ocean’s Harvest: Marriott Hotel Manila Buffet

Ocean's Harvest - Marriott Manila

Marriott Hotel Manila is having a special theme for their buffet located at Marriott Café every Friday and Saturday evenings. The buffet price is PHP 2300 per head and it starts at 6:00pm till 10:30pm.

The theme is called Ocean’s Harvest and this is their take of what we call, Dampa. Dampa usually refers to a place where there would be a wet market and a row of restaurants (palutuan). The customers would buy fresh seafood (or meat if they like) from the market then they can have it cooked by the restaurants.

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Wet Market

You can see the same thing in Ocean’s Harvest. Fresh seafood were placed in one long table and it is surrounded by cooking stations. So let’s have a short trip at the market shall we…

At the very center would be a large fish where you can enjoy fresh sashimi. Then surrounding it would be the following; loro (parrot fish), prawns, malasugi (blue marlin), maya-maya (red snapper), capiz (local scallop on shell), kitang (saltwater fish), samaral (rabbit fish), dusky jack (talakitok), fish mullet (bisugo), and crabs.

Just place whatever seafood you want to be cooked on a plate and now let’s decide on how you want it to be cooked.

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Grill and Bake Station

Let’s start with Grill and Bake station. Familiar with those baked scallops, baked oysters or any shell food that you would like to be baked with melted cheese? This is the place! But of course, let us not forget that you can also have your grilled goodness here. (Try grilled bisugo – one of my favorites back at Iloilo).

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Saute Station

Moving on to the Saute station. See that big chunk of butter at the lower right? That’s going to be used when you order your chili crabs, butter garlic shrimp/prawns or your fish steak (finish it with drops of lemon).

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Batter Station

Tempura loves should rejoice at this station called the batter station. Of course, you are not limited to using prawns… let your imagination run wild and see what you else you can “batter” up.

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Teppanyaki Station

Let’s go Japanese at the Teppanyaki station. Although there’s already salmon, shrimp and fish available by default, nobody would prevent you from providing him with another kind of seafood you want to be cooked Teppanyaki style.

Allen says: There’s another station where I had a lapu-lapu cooked sweet and sour but I couldn’t remember that name. Help.

Those were the cooking stations available but they still have other stations that you can visit such as…

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Noodle Station

Noodle Station

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Roast Station

Roast Station

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Sinigang Station

Sinigang Station

(if only I could stay here, I would)

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Sushi Station

Sushi Station

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Cooked Seafood on Ice Station

For those who want to eat cold but cooked seafood, they also have this “cold seafood on ice” station. Have your fill with cold prawns, lobsters, clams and crabs.

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Seafood Lasagna and Paella

Two dishes that you should try while waiting for your food to be cooked would be the seafood lasagna and seafood paella. They were both good with the lasagna being better.

I know that the theme here was seafood… but who can pass up on this one?

Marriott Manila Ocean Harvest - Roast Beef

Roast Beef

The other places such as salad station, bread and desserts were similar to before so I would like to refer you to my previous Marriott Manila Buffet post (Flavors of Asia) if you need to see them.

Next post would be what we ate at the buffet so stay tuned for that.

Disclosure: Marriott Manila paid for our meal.

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Ocean’s Harvest, Marriott Hotel Manila

No. 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex,

Pasay City, Philippines

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  1. With the choices above, I guess your 2300 is worth to burn for this buffet in Marriott.

  2. hmmm.. 2300 really is expensive but I would love to eat the sinigang, baked scallops and sushi first then try something new.. :D

  3. Whoah! I guess that will be very worth it for P2,300.00! I really love seafood so I hope I can try this in Marriott soon!

  4. awww. so yummy foood!!!!

  5. That’s a well-spread buffet! I’m sure everyone would get their stomach’s full once they dig-in.

  6. Oh I miss Mariott!! The gigantic shrimps!! Gosh! ANd I think the Php2,300 for the buffet is all worth it. Hmm.. Will save some to go there this month. Haha!

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