Omakase Lunch

Omakase Lunch


It was a spur of the moment decision to try out Omakase as the place Jessa and I can celebrate our monthly lunch celebration. I’ve been hearing good things about this restaurant especially from my office mates where it is usually the first restaurant name I hear after the word, “dine out!”.

We arrived at Omakase approaching 2pm and they close at 230pm so there was a hidden pressure to order fast / eat fast.

Omakase Sushi Tray

Omakse Sushi Tray – PHP 395

salmon sushi, tuna, tamago (2pcs each), kani, ebi, (1pc each – nigiri), california maki, tekka maki (4pcs each)

We started our meal with a sushi tray that contains a mix of sushi and maki. I tried my best to eat the sushi but the slimy feeling of raw fish was too much for me…so I traded my share for more maki instead. My personal picks would be the tamago (egg) and kani (crab) for this tray.

Omakase Pork Gyoza

Omakase Pork Gyoza – PHP 150

ground pork and vegetables with egg wrapped in dumpling wrapper

Ever since my tongue was awakened by Kokoro Ramenya’s gyoza, I’ve been ordering gyoza when I dine in Japanese Restaurants… or so I thought because a search only gave me 1 result where I ate gyoza. Moving past that moment of shame, let me share to you the gyoza from Omakase. First comment would be on the wrapper where it was a bit inconsistent.

The first pieces I tried had a mix of soggy wrapper with lightly burnt bottoms while the rest of the pieces were less soggy and more burnt at the bottom. But I had no problems with the meaty filling inside. It wasn’t as juicy as I wanted it to be but flavor wise, it hits the spot.

Omakase Gyudon

Omakase Gyudon – PHP 250

sliced beef, mushroom, onion, egg over rice

Another dish that I like eating at Japanese restaurants (will not search for it anymore) is the Gyudon. Upon first glance on Omakase’s Gyudon, I was smiling because the meat looked very meaty and not those thinly sliced meat with lots of rubbery fats and ligaments. I didn’t get to taste much of the mushroom nor onions because it was mainly beef and rice coated with egg yolk. Two thumbs up for this!

Omakase Teriyakidon

Omakase Teriyakidon – PHP 195

grilled chicken on rice

As for their chicken teriyaki, it was ok. The teriyaki sauce was sweet and light, and doesn’t overpower the taste of chicken. I only had a few because I was too busy enjoying the gyudon.

Omakase Tempura Ice Cream

Omakase Tempura Ice Cream – PHP 95

As for desserts, we had the tempura ice cream. It was ice cream that was battered then fried. It still amazes me on why the ice cream doesn’t melt if it was fried? It was topped with chocolate syrup and cherry and at the sides, it had generous square slices of sweet mangoes. We liked it! The tempura batter was crunchy at the top but at the base, it was like a soft bread. Certainly a sweet and delicious way to end our lunch.

Omakase still has a lot of dishes to offer and given our satisfaction on our first visit; a second visit is in the near future. I guess I can join the bandwagon whenever my office mates mention “Omak” during where to dine-out suggestions.

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Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 467-3150

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7 thoughts on “Omakase Lunch

  1. Allen! Why u not order their specialty makis?! Haha.. Order them next time! I honestly think their fusion makimonos are their trump cards ;) I’ve been meaning to try Omakase for the longest time (over 2 years na ata) but only got to visit it about 2 weeks ago. Will be back soon too! :D I must try their Tiger Eye, Salmon Skin and American Dream maki!

  2. I love love love Japanese food and I will try this soon! The prices aren’t bad ha. :)

  3. we love omakase!! especially their sushi!! :) sarap! now i want to go back haha! our all time fav is their american dream! try that next time :)

    • Yes I will! (except sushi hahaha). I’ll try going there to eat simply their makimonos.. no other dishes :D

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